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off topic. Folding@home team wants YOU!

Mike Goodwin

TRIBE Member
Hey there fellow producers. I was thinking of who I could get to join my "Folding@home" team. Hmmmmmm who has rely fast computers sitting around wanting to be flexed? Hmmm music producers like have good computers right?

Ok that is enough of that train of thought. I am trying to get people to join my folding at home team. It is a good thing that this org. is trying to do. If you want to know more about it please check out http://www.stanford.edu/group/pandegroup/folding/

In short you install a very small program on your puter. When you are not using your cpu it uses it to try and cure diseases related with proteins.

"Our goal: to understand protein folding, protein aggregation, and related diseases"

If you would like to join my team please just enter team number 32722 when you install the software. I think they may refer to the number as a team ID#.

Hey it is just for fun and it just may save some lives. The team name is Atomic. It would be great to see some peeps from here lending a hand.

Thank you for your time.

Mike G.