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Ode to jeffus and swilly


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this thread is dedicated to the 2 men who make tribe REALLY worth reading sometimes. the stories these two dish out are incredible and very funny... always a blast to read. i still remeber jeffus writing about how he was banging some asian girl and when she saw his cock she said "i cannot recieve!" and then he said "but she did."

i thought that was awesome.

keep up the good work guys!



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I agree, the few tribe bloggers who deserve the thread space!

Someone just outta make "The Jeffsus Thread"
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So today i decided to flip out and quit my job here in korea. I just realized that i was sick of my job and busan and the whole thing and i was like fuck it i am not going into work today. So i called them up and said how i have been depressed since i arrived and i can no longer do this anymore and that i am done. I gave them my one months notice and well that is it. I actually feel a lot better now. I was getting so much aniexty from this job and this situation that being here was pointless in many respects.

Money or no money like being happy with your life is also important.

So sayanora korea you were an experience i will try to forget.
And for icing on the cake as to why i am quitting my job. My stupid co workers came into my house and were banging on my door asking me why i was not going in. I was like "OMG its not your bussiness like GO away!!"

honestly who does that like you go and walk into someones house and hassle them etc...

oh well it is over now.



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Jeffsus said:
Please buy my novel once it's published.
If there is one redeeming quality to the Tribe message board, it's that you will actually have a permanent record of your exploits to include in your memoirs, rather than attempting to call upon increasingly vague memories.


"I think I officially bounced on the threshold of physically dangerous boozing."
"The friday morning at breakfast, I started bleeding out both my ears."
"Has anyone else hallucinated from alcohol? Is this even possible?"

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big ups to jeffsus for giving me my first absinthe and nitrous experience, within a space of 5 minutes.
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