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ODDMYTH - Not in so Many Words [tech-house]

beta tester

TRIBE Member
Seriously hot like fire. Great progression from Metro Area and the like to the darker stuff at the end. A set like this would go over really well in Detroit.


TRIBE Promoter
yes, this is the hottest mix that has come around in a long time..
toddio lives and breath the heart of a true dj..
creating journeys, enhancing moments, and at time a little crazy in the head..
word. i'll lend you my empath anytime for your next mix..

poker face

TRIBE Member
Good mix Todd.

It is one of those mixes that you can just play when you are chilling and a new track and style rips out of no where. You have always had a good sense of music when you talk and you prove it when I hear you.


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word lee, many thanks for the compliments.

Tom, I'd love to borrow the empath, next week sometime would be great bro!

Beta tester - Detroit mmmmmmmm.



TRIBE Member
lurve it

mixing is perfect, but is totally overshadowed by selection

programming on this is dynamite


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jebus, i slept on this for a while, but it's the real deal. nice work man, this is definitely the upper echelon of talent on display in this city, you make it look (sound?) easy.


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many thanks guys, many thanks to everyone, all these comments definitely helped me through some difficutly I was facing with DJ'ing.

much appreciated,