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Oddmyth - Cue 2 2013 - The Warm Up DJ


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Hey folks,

Second quarter mix finally down the pipe, cutting it bloody close on the last day of June and all, but here it is. Check it out, love some feedback and discussion as always.


What I'm on about in the title is all written down for your pleasure at oddmyth.ca

Next quarter I'm going to push out a couple of mixes, one for Expectacle and one for the Cue series, the themes will be dark and light with the discussion focusing on knowing how to push your mixes and musical choices to extreme ends.

1. Minilogue - Clouds and Water (Rrose Remix) [Enemy Records] in F minor (4A in Camelot)
2. Audio Injection - Operation A (Speedy J Remix) [Electric Deluxe] in C minor (5A in Camelot)
3. Developer - Sequencia 85 [Modularz] in B flat minor (3A in Camelot)
4. Jeff Pietro & Israel Vines - Depth [Borrowed Language] in C minor (5A in Camelot).
5. Ness - Hive Structures [Aconito Records] in D minor (7A in Camelot)
6. Wata Igarashi - Paranoid (Iori Remix) [Counter Pulse] in A minor (8A in Camelot)
7. Reeko - Passage 17.2 [Mental Disorder] in C major (8B in Camelot)
8. Kwartz - Decadent Grey [Shapeless] in A minor (8A in Camelot)
9. Bran Lanen - Next People [Ibyat] in E minor (9A in Camelot)
10. Elektrabel - Mutma [Cicuta] in C major (8B in Camelot)
11. Conforce - Nomad [Delsin] in F or F minor (4A/7B in Camelot)
12. Elektrabel - RJ3 [Cicuta] in G minor (6A in Camelot)
13. Damian Keane - Psyconauts on Manali [Subsist] in G minor (6A in Camelot)
14. Psykk - Transito [Modularz] in G minor (6A in Camelot)
15. Israel Vines - Come as the Reaper and Thus You Will Sow [Rodz-Konez] in A minor (8A in Camelot)
16. Tomohiko Sagae - Lanikai Beach [Hue Helix] in A flat minor (1A in Camelot)
17. TJ Kong & Eric De Man - Luid (Mark Broom Club Mix) - [Applied Rhythm Technology] in A minor (8A in Camelot)
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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I haven't listened to techno like this in a while: deep, at times percussive but with a persistent groove. I really enjoyed it. Great flow.

Well done, sir!