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Oddmyth - Cue 1 2013 Techno mix


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Finally got this one finished and somewhat decently mastered. Hope you enjoy it.



Asbestos (Sleeparchive Remix) - Regis [Infrastructure]
Hequon - Dark Sky [50 Weapons]
La Terrible - Terrence Fixmer [Electric Deluxe]
Binary Opposition (Process 1) - Phase [Token]
Deep Space Holes (AnD Deconstruction) - Peder [Archetypes]
Verge (Sigha Remix) - Tommy Four Seven [CLR]
Behind the Sun - Phase [Token]
Life (Rrose Remix) - Dadub [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
RZ Fun (Cari Lekebusch Remix) - Tony Rohr [H-Prod]
Cavity - Rrose [Eaux]
Immolare (Function Version) - Sandwell District [Sandwell District]
Dissaffected - Function [Sandwell District]
Finnegan (Pariah Dub Mix) - Lucy [Curle]
El Pensamiento - Tadeo [Alpha Signal]
Klaustrophobiq - Kroman Celik [Phobiq]
Dissipate - SCB [Nonplus]
Moorish Idol - Sian [Octopus]
Hynoid 1 - Tricaustic [Gynoid]
Moog on Acid - Steve Rachmad [Music Man]
Track 5 [Rob Hood Remix] - Tommy Four Seven [CLR]
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Thanks WW, it's not that I haven't been producing, for the most part, I just haven't been sharing :).

I'm hoping to get 4 mixes out a year, hopefully the next 3 won't take me 3 months to produce like this one did.
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Yeah, couldn't miss that one, strangely I spent almost an entire month trying to work out that how to progress from Finnegan to Moorish Idol. I was trying hard to include a breakbeat section that resolved out to harder techno again and include some of my favourite artists like Patrick Krieger and Orphyx, but it just wasn't sitting right with me.

Dissipate sat in the box for a while until I was just shuffling some stuff about and stumbled upon it again. An hour later I had completed the final tracklist.

I still think it ramps a little fast out of the more minimal dubby section, but the transition towards the synth resolve in Dissipate and the lighter feeling of Hynoid ease my mind on that one.