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ODDIO Reviews v.1


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I just finished counting up the number of records I bought last year, and the number is SICK! All I can say is that I have a severe vinyl addiction problem. In lieu of my sickness I thought I would share some reviews of the best stuff IMHO that came out last year. If these reivews are liked I will try and do a more monthly review section.

Si Begg : 'Welcome to the Discoteque RMX's" : FEIS013_________

--Its been a long time coming but the 80's came back. International DJ Gigolo's took over, and Si Begg who's been noodling with the future for some time brought us this wonderfully inspired intro piece for DJ's. Based around an a constantly effected vocal hook, the original track came to fame on several comps including Kenny Glasgow's Turbo Mixed cd. The remixes by The Hacker, Funk D'void, and LaMonde show a diversity and range of talent. Favourite here is The Hacker remix, merging an subtlely arpeggiated 80's style bassline, blips and beeps and nice dark fluid feel, keeping the overall emotive structure of the original. The other two tracks compromise some of the better work I've heard by Funk D'void and LaMonde lately.

V/A : Central Special Projects #2 & #3. : CENTRAL_____________

--The German label Central has been home to some of the best and funkiest heads up techno releases over the past 6 years. The Special Projects releases are remixes done by some of Hi-lo's favourite producers. Special Projects #2 was remixed by Dan Bell and Titonton Duvante. Bell's track has the old Bell style, blippy, bumpin with some screwed up vocals. Titonton however steals the show here with a completely retro Detroit style mix, full of 808 and 909 percussion and enticing melodies. I've been rocking this track for sometime now and the people on the dancefloor love it. Special Projects #3 was a three tracker all remixed by Ben Sims. IMHO this is Sims best record to date (even better than the DUBS v.1) Sims ups the level taking his tribalism to the next level with some advanced waveform workouts. As usual Sims doesn't dissapoint when it comes to groove and basslines.

Akufen : Dada : BACKGROUND____________________________

--Montreal's Akufen had been putting out bomb records all last year. With 'Dada' he took a turn towards his current radio-shifting style and won the hearts of every techno lover in Germany. Since then he's been featured on some very prominent German minimal labels, including Traum, Trapez, ATC, Perlon and Force Inc. This particular EP, introduced his new funk driven style using what sounds like someone switching stations on the radio. While this is nothing new in general (Moodyman used this technique on his 'Mahogany Roots' LP) the drum structure and synth work on this particular record make every track stand out.

There's a few I'll put up a few more when I have more time, I have to go teach a lab..



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Originally posted by oddmyth
I just finished counting up the number of records I bought last year, and the number is SICK! All I can say is that I have a severe vinyl addiction problem.

totally got the same sickness man..... :p

nice reviews dude ,



Adam Duke

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Dude, are you coming downtown this weekend?

Si Begg is definitely THE MAN as far as production goes these days. A gigantic volume of work under numerous alias' spanning so many genres, I won't even mention them all. This guy is taking music further!

Akufen blew me away this year too - aparently he spent a lot of work on production last year and will have two more double albums out by year end (!). Unique style and bombing for the dancefloor!

Alas, i cannot comment on this 'Central' you speak of...must chekkit out!


Destro Sanchez

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I thought Central records was from Vienna Austria?? (related to Patrick Pulsinger?? Memory Foundation?? yes?no?)

That black substance you two (tekkid and oddmyth) are addicted to is called 'black crack' and it has destroyed friendships, families and companies!! Watch out boys, it's serious stuff!

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Akufen had a new 12" come out under the moniker Anna Kaufen - Drive in / Drive out EP a couple of weeks ago on Touch of Class records. If you liked Dada you should check this out.




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I got that Anna Kaufen about a month ago, been rocking it ever since, a definite crowd pleaser.

Central is from Vienna, Hi-lo aka Memory Foundation aka Skinless Brothers aka Ratio, however you want to deal it good SH*AAAT.

@m, you gotsta have all the Noodles compilation, they are full of sick sick stuff. Some may think your messed for droppping that stuff but its essential! As for Akufen's future work, I heard the new one on Force today (one sided) called 'Deck the House'. Really well sequenced, but not much different from his other radio-shfiting stuff. I wasn't big on the Perlon 2x12" he did either. There's a Brinkmann remix coming out soon of the Psychometry shit (I forget the label).