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obscure commercial hip-hop ID (longshot)


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heard this in the clubs alot...

I think 50 drops on it in a tune with a mix of rnb and hip-hop...

it's got like a heavy guitar type sample...

and the beat is the same style as queens "we will rock you"

(boom boom chik boom boom chik)

best I can do
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sorry mate nope...I'm pretty sure it's not a mash up or anything it's an original track it's just the beat is like a rock beat but urbanized (Harder kick and punchier bass)


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It's 50 Cent and Mobb Deep......Something with the name "Party" in it.

I'm sure of it...I can hear the beat in my head right now....

Augh....hold on.


I think it's just called "Have A Party".

When I get home I'll yousendit for you unless you find it first.
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