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Oakenfold @ Tonic


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Well this turned out more or less like I expected..... way too crowded, full of the kind of people that go to Meow, too hot, long lineup, etc. etc.

Oakenfold's set was even worse than I expected. He looked sort of pissed off and/or uninterested in the whole thing. Max Graham on the other hand was pretty damn good..... too bad the sound system really sucked (from where I was, anyway). Somehow I remember it being better at Tonic.

Oh yeah the most amusing thing all night was seeing Nelly Furtado in the linup outside and then later on in the booth with Oakenfold. Ha. Now that's something.

- Matt.
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oakey delivered what was expected, cheez, although he did drop some breaks...

it's all about max graham


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Nelly was singing over some of the tracks. i thought that was so cool. anyways both max and paul delivered INCREDIBLE sets. i was pleasantly surprised that oakenfolds set wasn't as cheesy as i thought it would be. but max was on another fucking planet. where the hell did he come up with that? i'll honestly say max grahams set was the best set i've ever witnessed.


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I caught a bit of Max and Oakey on the radio. The last track Max Graham dropped was sick! Oakenfold was unimaginative and predictable, and his mixes were quick, simple fade outs.


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So, I am going to give add my two cents for the entire evening.

The night was better organized than the last time Oakey came to Tonic. Everyone was hyped...and from what I saw in line...many doormen were refusing bribes. Luckily my friends and I had passes so we felt good waiting in the *much* shorter line up. (I mean, compared to last year when I waited for 2 hours at the front door outside.....) We were quickly inside with about 20 people already inside waiting.

The place filled quickly! Soon enough...it was hard to move, dance, or do anything. I know that this music, this scene is underground, but I have to say....there were tooo many guys...where were all the ladies? Regardless let's get on to the music!

Max Graham! This guy knows "What IS What!" He threw down - hard! He hyped the crowd up so much. The extra screen helped as well! It's good to see a dj pumping his fist and performing for the camera! His set made me feel as though coming to Tonic was a very good decision. I often heard outrageous screams and shrieks of sheer joy and ecstasy! I even laughed when they held up a sign that said..."System make some noise". I wonder what it was like down there? Less crowded I bet. Max was just as good as when I saw him last summer at Industry...if not even better. Toronto music fans showed him much love!

Now on to Oakey. He didn't seem like he really wanted to be there. His beginning tracks were somewhat ambiant and disconnected. I heard alot of feedback at the start. I looked around at the crowd and most were just trying to "feel" his vibe. Then, homeboy decided to drop some breakbeats.

Huh? Oakey? Is that you? You got jet lag or something? Plane food didn't agree with you? Did the promoters not put you up in a nice hotel?

I started to feel a little miffed at what he was trying to do. I started to think that all of the Oakey bashers are right. I remember vividly that he was awesome last time at Tonic. What the fuck is going on?

Slowly but surely...Oakey started to play the Trance that we love from him. The synth tones and vocals (wuz that Nelly Furtado?) sounded much better and smoother. By this time I decided that I had had enough...and started to gather my things and head home.

While in line a girl game up to me with a poster signed by Oakey. The picture has him pointing out towards a massive stadium of people. Quite different from the massive at Tonic. She was jumpin out of her socks as she was sooooo happy. It was at this time I realized... Max was and is more of the kinda music that I wanted to hear. Oakey seemed very uninterested about playing for Toronto and seemed a little outta synch with the people that had come to see him. Heck I will still download his sets on Napster and stuff...but the next time I go and see Oakey...I want to be in another venue, location, and country! Maybe then I can see how appreciative he is of his fans. On this night...Oakey was kinda flat!

Anyway.....What party am I gonna hit this Easter weekend? Heck....maybe I might just stay home. Like I'm gonna pay $40 for Junior Vasquez! $25 for Oakey was enough....

Peace yall

A big thank you to all of those people who complimented me on my new glasses.
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The 'talented' host of EC also made an appearance... I wonder what retarded things she said while talking to Oakenfold/Graham on camera...

I got there at 8:15.. I was inside by 10 or so.. the searches were crazy, these guys were putting their hands in peoples front/rear pockets..uhm..yea.. talk about overkill.

Honestly I thought Oakenfold was better than the last time I saw him at tonic... I dunno.. I was just happy he didn't play 'Bullet in the gun'..

Metal Morphosis

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Swamper:
I was just happy he didn't play 'Bullet in the gun'..

*laughing out loud*

it's the ONLY perfecto track on his new double CD set and it is the worst track of the set.
Actually, probably the worst track he's ever produced...
no... wait...that track is BY FAR the worst track EVAR!!!