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O.J. Simpson pulls white Bronco prank in pay-per-view TV show


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LOS ANGELES (AP) - O.J. Simpson as the star of the new candid-camera program Juiced pulls a prank involving the infamous white Bronco, drawing criticism from the family of murder victim Ronald Goldman.

In the scene taped as part of the one-hour, pay-per-view show, Simpson pretends to sell the Bronco at a used car lot and boasts to a prospective buyer that he made the vehicle famous, according to a segment on Inside Edition.

"It was good for me - it helped me get away," Simpson said, referring to the slow-speed, televised police chase that preceded his arrest on charges of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Goldman, her friend.

Goldman's father, Fred, told Inside Edition he found Simpson's comment "morally reprehensible."

Simpson was acquitted of murder. A civil jury later held him liable for the killings and ordered him to pay $33.5 million US to the Brown and Goldman families.

Much of that judgment remains unpaid.

"Any money that he makes, I hope, will go to satisfy the multimillion dollar judgment made against him in the civil case," said Brown family attorney Gloria Allred.

The program will be shown on pay-per-view this month, and a DVD offering uncensored material will be made available soon, Juiced executive producer Rick Mahr told The Associated Press.

Other practical jokes include Simpson disguised as an Elvis impersonator, a vagabond selling oranges for money and as an elderly man leading a bingo game.

Simpson was not paid for the program, Mahr said.

"Basically O.J. Simpson has decided to do this because he wants to do it, and he wanted to have fun with it," Mahr said.

source: www.yahoo.ca
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Oj simpson's estate is secretly in the name of a pet canary... if anything ever happens... the canary takes the fall.
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totally tasteless, if you're dumb enough to buy this pay-per-view then you may as well support terrorists by buying drugs

ps. when's my delivery GHB getting here.
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PRIMAL said:
What's a blue CK?

If I recall correctly, it was a lovely e that circulated six or seven years ago.

However, I very well may have made it up.

um, er... green eurodollars?

I give up.


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-Mercury- said:
that O.J. i tell ya.... if there's one thing he's known for it's gotta be his wacky sense of humour.

that and his commercials for Hertz car rentals...

oh and his role in The Naked Gun.. and football.

oh yeah... and that murder thing to :p
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