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O.C.A.D. Portfolio clinics

Originally posted by MoFo

And as a painter in this city? GOOD FUCKING LUCK. :D

i used to frame for high end commercial galleries, and have a few art friends who are doing pretty good right now - people will buy paintings, trust me.

photography is a close second from what i've seen.

you kind of have to make it outside of canada first though.

if you have the right job experience to go along with your education, there are a lot of art related jobs out there, but not a lot of them involve actually making art.

if the peej wants to make it as an artist, taking the money and moving to new york might be better.

*fuck i'm cranky today, better go smoke a joint*
Originally posted by MoFo
Oh no, he's done. He wants to do his own thing now. Yeah, I am sorry I never got to take one of his classes. But I actually am enjoying having REALLY shitty, bitter profs that I can interact with on a daily basis because I'm learning so much about what NOT to do.

I don't mind if they're a complete asshole as long as I get to be around them enough to figure out how to learn something from it. I had a prof who only gave good marks to pretty girls with the biggest boobs so I never got to talk to him so I learned NOTHING.

But my slimy teacher now who has taken a liking to me, I'm learning a helluva lot about art and the art scene from him. It's great! Make every dollar count, I say.

this is the key to getting something out of OCAD - work that system to your advantage. the administration are generally lazy fucks, so you can usually get what you want.

oh yeah, go on an exchange to another country - best decision i made at OCAD.
Originally posted by MoFo
DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE ELSE unless they attend OCAD now or have in the past. Ask Shannon, me, Pablo, Claire, kick (Monica), why not, physix, windowlicker and others. The school has changed drastically in the last decade.

(I actually went to Ryerson- for arch :))
wow this thread is like...filled with the most interesting conversations I've had the joy of reading on tribe as of late...

thanks guys...

I've not finnished reading the first page and just have to make a post already...

O.K. so first things first...

Money is no object... I have love...why do I need money...

now with that said, it's obvious I don't want to go to art school so I can graduate into a high paying job. I want to go to art school so that i can be like... "hey... i'm now 27 years old... i just spent that last four years GUGHING out of my heart!!!!" I want to be forced to paint,sculpt,take pictures, and learn about other people who liked to do the same thing. be that through the lessons the teachers give, or the things i learn from hanging out with all those other artists...

Honestly... there are two buildings that give me the chillies when I walk past them... One is the rex downtown... 'cause singing with a Jazz quartet or something would be heaven... And the other is that huge open crazy room in OCAD that you can see into that's filled with all those wooden figurines and stuff... getting to be up to my elbows in clay turning my dreams into 3 dimentional expressions of my being and not having to do it after work... Jesus I mean... art school for me would be a three-four year vacation building up to me actually settling down and having kids and such.

I want to have lived... and i can't motivate myself to live the life I want on my own. I need some direction and guidance for my expressions. I want to talk to other people who kept creating... not people who "used to draw all the time when I was younger"... or "yeah...photography was fun in highschool!"

right now i come home from work and I'm just killed... i smoke and play some video games just to wake up and do it again the next day... If for the next four years i could spend the same amount of time per day learning how to create things... Jepers... that would be so great...



that's why I wanna go to school!

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Peej, I just sent you a PM . . . a friend of mine will be visiting for drinks on Sunday & she's an illustrator/graphic designer/painter. Stop by and talk to her about Sheridan if you can. She's a wise chicky-boo.

She could definitely give you some input.
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The only drawback I see about Sheridan is that you won't get the city perspective of art.

Not that it's totally necessary but to be honest, to be sorta famous in the city and in the community is a really awesome thing to feel.

PJ, I wish you luck. Like I said, just be yourself. They don't expect you to be established. That's what school is for.

And yeah, that basement window? That's the woodshop. Further down is plastics, mould-making and the metal shop. Lots of neat skills you learn in there.
Sheridan.... Pffft!!!

No thanks... If I wanted to be crammed into a cookie cutter I'd go home and live with my father again...

I used to want to go to sheridan for their animation program so I could work for Disney... after talking to a few people who wnet there... No way....

and besides... disney says their no longer going to produce traditional 2d animations