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The Truth

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There may not be many big tech events in Toronto this NYE but there are in all over the world. I found some listings and here's where some djs are playing

Richie Hawtin @ Welcome 2002/Melbourne Docklands, Austrailia
Sven Vath @ Welcome 2002/Melbourne Docklands, Austrailia
Carl Cox @ Zouk Club, Singepore
Jeff Mills @ Lost/London,UK
Slam @ Cream/Liverpook, UK
Dave Clarke @ Nitsa/Barcelona, Spain
Marco Carola @ BCM/Majorca, Spain
Adam Beyer @ Trax, Zurich/Switzerland
Cari Lekebusch @ Trax, Zurich/Switzerland
Miss Kitten & The Hacker @ Trax/Zurich, Switzerland
Derrick May @ Together/Los Angeles Sports Arena, USA
Joey Beltram @ Together/Los Angeles Sports Arena, USA
Dave Angel @ Culture, Portugal
Claude Young @ Zeus Club/Coruna, Spain
DJ Rush @ Alte Papierfabrik/Rodersdorf, Germany
Monika Kruse @ Kozzmozz/Ghent, Belgium
The Advent @ Kozzmozz/Ghent, Belgium
Misstress Barbara @ Celebration/Molson Arena, Montreal, Congress Centre, Quebec City
Marco Bailey @ The Orbit/Leeds, UK
Joel Mull @ Palazzo/Bingen, Germany
Fumiya Tanaka @ Ebisu Garden Hall/Tokyo, Japan
Takkyu Ishino @ Liquid Room/Tokyo, Japan
Thomas Shumacher @ Maniac Love/Tokyo, Japan
Mr C @ Shine/Belfast, Ireland
Justin Robertson @ Shine/Belfast, Ireland
Umek @ Atomic Jam/Birmingham, UK
Billy Nasty @ Atomic Jam/Birmingham, UK, The Orbit/Leeds,UK
Chris Liebing @ U06311 @Frankfurt, Germany
Gayle San @ U06311/Frankfurt, Germany, Tor 3/Dusseldorf, Germany
Green Velvet @ Bugged Out/Heaven/London, UK
Andy Weatherall @ Bugged Out/London,UK, Platic People, London, UK
Josh Wink @ Now&Wow/Rotterdam, Netherlands
Funk D'Void @ Club Risk/Utrecht, Netherlands
G-Force @ Opatje, Croatia
Oliver Ho @ After Club/Madrid, Spain
Christian Varela @ After Club/Madrid, Spain
Ken Ishii @ La Real/Ovideo, Spain
Colin Dale @ La Real/Ovideo, Spain
Ben Sims @ Octopus Club/Ponteveda, Spain
T-Quest @ Fuse/Brussells, Belgium
T-1000 @ Free Bass Society/New Orleans, USA
Access 58 @ Skopje, Macedonia
Gaetano Parisio @ Budapest, Hungary
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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damn, you sure did do your research!

myself, i'd probably wanna be at the party in Zurich or in Spain with Oliver Ho & Varela
awwww... if only..


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mills london???


thought he banned the UK....


have a wicked new years tribers!




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Happy new years guys :]

We had some fun times here in London
Nice Techno set to ring in the new year.

Maybe this year I'll actually meet some of you people!

Da grunj

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Santa, Mork and "7 of 9" have engineered a device that will allow you to hit EVERYONE of these parties in the SAME night. It has something to do with an Egg, a hot chick, and some spacetimecontinum thingamabobber.

Any investors?
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Straight Up D Shit

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when i make my 1st million @ 30, u can have it, money well spend

Happy New Year techno babies!

I say, we add Toronto to that list next year...

Technocratic Girl

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I hope everyone had a fun NYE...!
I was sick with a cold- and went out anyways but had problems finding a cab to get home!...

To Add to the list: Christian Smith was in Singapore last night (and I for NYE too) - if anyone cares to know!

Toronto definately needs to get some of these Djs in the next year. I predict that Hawtin, Clarke, Carola, Barbara, Slam, Cajmere/velvet, Parisio, T1000, and Funk D'Void will be back. And I would love to come and see them if someone brings them in again!