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nye @ Madbar


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I got there around 2:30 just in time for a few more drinks at the bar. It was the perfect intimate crowd for a New Years Party.

The idea was to keep it low key, and to have it FREE with a password. So not paying any entrance anywhere was a plus.

I got there for Hatiras' closing set, he keeps going and going with wicked djing and production, I love the electro. I can't wait to hear what he has cookin' up for us next. Everyone was lovin' it, asking for more encores as no one wanted to leave.

Then off to Promise I went..
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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This was actually a very fun party...

You can't really dislike the free party aspect...
decor was cute and the music filled every taste bud

there was hip hop till midnight,
Steve Venom came on as the clock struck 12 and played the oldest shit, it was awesome!! When he dropped Dave Clake's southside i freaked out! unfortunately his 1hr set was not enuff time to hear this guy!

Ricky Mehta came on next bringing a tech fusion to some slightly progressive traxx...

Hatiras showed up and well, exploded the place....i can't believe we all still go nutz for spaced invader, that thing can't get old!

lots of great faces...shut the place down at around 4am...that was enuff for me

big ups tp twitch and kick for a rockin time!


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Good times indeed... nice to see you out Janice... and Nick I guess I must have just missed you as I had left at around 2:30am.

Respects to the Liquid Adrenaline crew for throwing such a wicked party!!!