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NYE in ALTOMA --- "Hype-Hype-Hyperthermia"

Klubmasta Will

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i'm not sure how many people from this party will actually see this message since most of them either (1) don't visit this board, (2) are still at the after-party, (3) are in the hospital, (4) have still not made it up the snowy hill or (5) have decided to stay in lovely altoma.

thank you to p-air and janice for allowing aaron, ivan, redlion, selecta and i to do what we do best -- throw a party at someone else's cottage.

thanks to court the sleeman guy for the free soda pops. thanks to sunoco for sponsoring the outdoor polka tent. thanks to whoever invented outdoor hot-tubs and bikinis and whoever decided the two should go hand-in-hand. thanks to tim patrick, stretch & hooker, jelo, uncle bobby, red lion, joker fx cha, discodancer j and everyone else who kept the beats pumping on both dance floors. thanks to adrianna for sharing the lovely ride home (and best of luck in croatia - i just met you but i'll miss you). thanks to whoever left the gold winter jacket at my place (it's a bit small but i'm sure i can sell it). thanks to shannon for holding down the indoor crew. thanks to chrome-agnon for not flipping out after we shaved off his eye brows. thanks to peej for having a birthday. thanks to whoever invented fireworks, champagne toasts, 4-wheel drive, snowtires, frozen waterfalls, 90210 lunchboxes and, of course, the tradition of spending new year's eve having crazy fun doing crazy things with crazy friends.

if aaron, ivan or tamsan are reading this, it's probably about time you went to bed.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Klubmasta Will:
if aaron, ivan or tamsan are reading this, it's probably about time you went to bed.


good god are they still up?!


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Just got home
LAst night was a great continaution from the night in "ALTONA". It was GREAT New Years with friends of old and new!


cHrOmEr j sIMPSOn


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Wiked setup.....thanx for having us

Me and the g/f decide to completely get allll the sex out of system b4 we went so there would be no reason to leave early
Too bad it tired us out and we end up leaving at 1:30 to check Allies party....but never ended up making it down due to the distance

Great times though ....thanx to host and hostess with the mostess


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I was wondering how this party went off!! I was expecting an early afternoon sketchy phonecall from PJ, but alas...no call

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had a blast... was bombed the whole time.. woke up out in the snow?? i don't even remember any of it!



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Thanks to everyone for coming up for sure, it was our pleasure...
thanks for also respecting the house and the property...clean-up was a sinch!

Mad great times..........everyone stayed safe and fun.....
&lt;I dropped Feelin' Moody at 1:25am!!!&gt;
than highlight of my dj career for sure!!!!!!
everyone went mental.....

ditto to what Will said......(about whoever invented good things)

oh and if any guys are looking for their underwear...it's still in P-Air's bathroom!!

peace and much love to all in 2002
ps-missed a few faces for sure, smiley jo finch and futronic..........
pps-it is altoNa Will...lol


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What a great change of pace this night
was !
I did not want to be stuck in a club or at a rave this NYE , and this party was the perfect remedy !
Thanks so much for the hospitality and invite !
happy new years to all !
p.s. - maybe next time I see Will ,he will be able to carry on a conversation !

Klubmasta Will

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i just got my pictures developed and they are some of the funniest i have ever seen. lotsa blackmail photos indeed.

we'll have to do it again in the spring or summertime.

ps. i still have that gold winter jacket at my place. it's a really nice one too. anyone???
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Joker FX Cha

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Altona has not seen the likes of a party like that before.

I had such a great time.

So many people to thank.
For make'n the Party happen: Ivan, Will, Aaron, Rob, Court.
For providing wicked entertainment: Tim Patrick, Stretch & Hooker, Uncle bobby, Red line, Jelo (but your set wasn't very good. LOL!), Dreads.
For helping make that huge pile of wood that barely made it through the night: Mark, Sasha.
For being the best Girl Friend (I know this should have be at the top): Janice
To all my friends, for showing up and have'n a great time.
To all the new friends I made, for respecting my place and have'n a great time.
To my parents for bringing my boarding boots, which kept my feet warm and dry for the rest of the night.
I know there are many names I'm forgetting, so thanx to all of you.

Finch, Jo, I missed you guys.

All in all once again, I'm very please that everyone respected everything: The people, the property, the house, the rules, the hot tub. Respect kicks ass!

Funny moments:
Going to take a piss in the snow, looking down and seeing that someone already wrote 2002.
Aaron learning which way fire works should face b4 you light them.
Bathroom full of underwear which are not mine.
Ivan stating that my dad wasn't being offered anything cuz he looked like a nark.
Watching people pass out after getting out of the hot tub.

Maybe Altona should see a "spring thaw" party?

Thanx again everyone,