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nye @ 129 Spadina


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I got to the venue kinda late, well 10 minutes before my set. We rushed in to the 4th floor to not be late, to find a bunch of happy ravers going off to Lady Bass & Sebby Bozack. It seemed to be the perfect New Years "there to have fun" crowd. So I had a blast playing for them, seeing lots going apeshit busting a move, shit load of hanshakes and "what's that song?" and even a huge group hug on my last track.

Goodfellaz was the 4th & 5th floor of the venue, decked out in sound, I think I was a little def after spinning.

I was a little iffy about putting another trance set together, I was originally just thinking of playing electro. But after the end result, it's a good little reminder that Toronto still has a healthy rave scene. (especially with that many parties going on in one night)

I had to leave quickly after my set to make Madbar before last call as they supposedly ran out of booze at Goodfellaz.

And after MadBar, I returned to 129 Spadina, but not for Goodfellaz, but the Promise party on the top floor, since we accumulated an older crowd that's not that into raving. And the Promise party was kickin'!

And like Goodfellaz it had great decor, music and vibe all around, so it was a blast to finish the night off there, while running up and down the floors back and forth to Goddfellaz & Promise. That's probably why my legs are destroyed.

Considering I wasn't putting that much enthusiasm about New Years (the countdown that I spent in the car with Satori) itself, it turned out to be a great one.

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