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NYC techno???if you are there.....


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APT presents Adam X
419 W 13th St between 9th Ave and Washington St
10pm, free.

APTs basement party room hosts a night of electronic-music mayhem, with NYC living legend Adam X spinning new- and old-school acid, techno, electronic house, electro, EBMbasically, any kind of circuit-board beat that comes at ya with a thump. Adams been a trailblazer of the local electronic scene for
nearly two decades, though the seminal Storm Rave parties, the Sonic Grooveshop and label, a lengthy discography and his general support of the citysunderground scene. Check out dudes website at www.djadamx.com. Fellow baldy
Bruce Tantum (Time Out NY, Whoville!@Love) is on support. Come on down
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poker face

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I went to that bar a month ago. It is pretty damn cool. But I still can't figure out how you dance in the place.
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