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NYC Scene Update and Rumormill

spoony d

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i'm bored, so i thought I'd fill you guys in on all the shit that's going down here.

first, the Twilo update.

After much debate and dispute, one of Twilo's former owners made a public statement to the effect that Glowbana will be opening in 5 or 6 weeks. A quick check of the calender nicely lines that up with confirmed dates for Sasha and Digweed in New York. Now, the venue was undisclosed for those dates, but has recently been announced as the Roxy. This might confirm much speculation that Glowbana is indeed going to be Roxy outfitted with a Phazon sound system. Looks like we'll know come April.

The Steve Dash mixer is completed and has been tested out at Club Shelter on the old Twilo system by Timmy Regisford with great success. The mixer will be spending WMC at Crobar for a true run-through.


You may know that Limelight has finally been closed after being shut down, then reopened, then shut and blah blah. Peter Gatien has sold the building to David Marvesi (owner of Exit) and John Blair. Appartently it currently stands TOTALLY gutted. Major construction is being done and the club will reopen under a new name, likely toward the end of summer. No ideas yet about what to expect from it musically.

Speaking of Peter Gatien, rumor mill kicked up that he has bought a huge warehouse across the street from the former Twilo space. Huge means HUGE. This will be a source for speculation for some time.

Crobar has publicly stated that they intend to open a new club in NYC (with phazon) as further expansion to their two clubs in Chicago and Miami. They are currently petitioning for a liquore license, no announcement has been made about a venue, though some have suggested that they are eyeing up a certain warehouse on w. 27th.

Danny's parties at Vinyl are still rocking strong as ever. His crowd has mutated some toward the over the top bridge and tunnel muscle and silicone crowd. Saturdays are taking a hit of late. Mike Bindra, the boy behind Twilo Fridays seems to be waking up to the fact that one of Twilo's main factors for success was the quality of the club and it's top notch sound system. Made events, now taking place in basically an ashtray with no liquore licence, and average sound system are having trouble making the cut. Rumors put Bindra quietly arranging the talent for Exit Fridays (big trance names). If Bindra moves to Exit officially, it would make for the same winning combination that took Twilo to the top... Bindra booking Fridays, and Junior's afterhours on Sunday mornings. Some wonder how long Vinyl will last anyway... many venues opening, scenesters are speculating Danny will jump ship first chance he gets.

Having been kicked out of Vinyl on Saturdays, Timmy Regisford along with Kevin (1/2 of Blaze... can't remember his name) purchased club Speeed, gutted it and installed Twilo's old stereo and renamed it Shelter Club. After 6 weeks of construction parties, the club is ready to roll out it's opening parties. The Shelter parties on Saturdays have been hugely succesful. Fridays have been one off events up till now. Talk was that Fridays were being reserved for Greg K, former manager of Twilo. He had been consulting with the club during construction, and many assumed he would be taking over Fridays. Fridays have been given to Alan Sax who has been throwing large events in NY for some time. He promises great things... a lot of people are skeptical. Oh, Saturdays in the basement of the club will be host to weekly Tsunami Psy-Trance parites. Odd combo, soulful house and disco upstairs, psy downstairs... but whatever.

Centro Fly
Centro's Thursday Subliminal party with Eric Morillo has fallen on hard times. They are trying to spur interest by hosting special industry events showcasing new producers and bringing producers/dj's/promoters/industry types all together in front of an open bar once a month. If you're coming to NY... get your timing right! GBH Fridays are also clamouring for heads. They've been shaking up their lineups, and have put RnB and Classics into the pinky hoping for results (and getting some postivie show for it). Saturdays have also been given a shakeup. In the past, mainly run by Plant, the club has brought back some old romoters (ie, the Touch Brothers) to try to breathe some new life into the space. Basically many worry for Centro.

Tronic Treatment
In this new year, Tronic has moved their free techno party from the basement of Guernica (the former Save The Robots, now basically a restaurant with a small lounged up room in the basement), to Baktun. A mini-club in the meat packing district. Has about twice the capacity, and twice the sound... not a bad space. It's $3 now, but the talent is still top notch, and every week has been rammed. Anti-tronic heads have taken over Monday's at Guernica and are throwing their own techno party out of spite.

Other clubs?
-A new space is opening up in DUMBO soon. Some have hoped for a proper club package, but it appears as though it will more of a night *spot* than a night *club*.
-Discoteque has recently opened in what was formerly Hush. The space is beautiful, but decorated like ass. The sound system is top notch though. This could be a grand venue, if only the owner didn't want to turn it into some glam venue by charging $25 at the door on weekends(regardless of what's going on inside). I expect a closing and reopening within 6 months.
-Coffee Shop / Union Square has made it clear that they fear the cabaret cops more than a fun party. They kicked out the Astroglyde boys after too many people were dancing. Astroglyde (James Bem and Gaby Dershin) have moved to Groovejet, and small but loud joint in tibeca that's been recently redone.
-Exit looks like it might make a decent club out of itself after all this time. All the money Junior made them spend on sound and dj booths, hopefully they'll make use of it all on other nights. It's an incredible venue, shame it's never been run respectably.

That's the scene in a nutshell. I think i might have forgotten a thing or two... i'll get back.
Thanks Spoony D for the information, much appreciated.

I tried to hit up that Eric Morillo night at Centro Fly this summer when I was in NYC for a weekend. Too bad he wasn't there on that night though. (He was too busy ripping up Ibiza with Darren Emerson)

No worries caught DT the next night ;)

The shit you said is very interesting, very interesting indeed. Makes me want to go to NYC soon. We'll see what up.

Take it easy,


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For real, spoony d you definitely sound like your in the know about the party scene in NY. And while in TO where chances are you can make guest list, the canadian dollar is a little too low to take any chances on blowing a perfectly good party night across the border
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i'll be in NYC the end of the month and can't wait to check out Shelter, friends have been going there since it opened and say how awesome it is each time... hope the psytrance is started up by then!