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NXNE this weekend


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anyone hitting up any of the nxne events this weekend?

i'm looking forward to seeing st. vincent @ yonge/dundas square tonight, as well as spoon tomorrow night.

along with the forecasted weather, should be a great weekend to kick off the summer in the city.
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i hit a couple of shows on thursday. the night started with Frankie Cosmo on a the mio squirt car (check it out, Mio has commandeered a street car and turned it into a club. it drives on queen street with a band for an hour then you get off. it drops off the band. gets a new band and pics up a new group of people at a certain ttc stop) i think it's free. the look on people faces on queen st as they see the streetcar drive by is priceless.

i'll probably end up at a show or two tonight.