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NXNE?!?! it starts Thursday!


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um... where the fuck is the NXNE thread??

there goes my "going to bed early" thing.
might i recommend Priestess? Thursday night at 11pm at the Horseshoe.

hehe - head bangin' goodness, baby.

check out the NXNE website, buy a wristband... let's get this party started. any recommendations??
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my friend and i are going to see tele on thursday at clinton's. hehe...it's gonna be a "jh bruns collegiate reunion" of sorts as she found out through the grapevine that some guy we went to high school with is in that band. i think it's going to be amusing.

and i've never been to nxne so i'm excited about that!

terrawrist III

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I might try and hit the be your own pet show...they have the YYY thing happening and it's really working for them...you can aniticapating it being packed to the doors
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k.. just checked out the website, no dj's were listed??? am i blind??
also want to check out some hiphop..saw that project move, rhythicru and god made me funky are listed..am i missing any good hiphop acts that i should know about?


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TONIGHT, my schedule:
9pm: Megababe (Tokyo, Japan), El Mocambo
10pm: not sure yet
11pm: Priestess (ROCKANDROOOOOOOLL!!!! \M/ Montreal, QC), Horseshoe
12am: The Salads (T.O.), Lee's Palace (if we're still awake)

Aerius Zension

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I think the price went up $8 this year. And what's with the Radiohead styled artwork?