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NXNE Bloc party!



anyone make it out to this?

Hypnosis fucking blew my mind!
everyone was groovin' to all the house that was being pumped out and then this relatively unknown guy steps up to the decks and BAM! He hits everyone out of no where whith some hard, driving and pulsating progressive! The crowd was lovin' it! I just wish he had longer, so he could really show people what he's got.
Not sure who it was that came on after him but he cleared out the place. Mixing was really lacking. Gotta love those off beat cuts and abd spin backs

Hypnosis is quite possibly the most under rated Dj in the city... madness... pure madness!
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Yih Yih Yah!

yup... this was fun =))

I walked down after work... thought it was supposed to be at the Lot next to Bamboo... so I thought I was crackin out when I saw all these parked cars there... but then I saw some guys with neck tags and I knew it was around someplace... then "I found it!" ... sweeeeet... summer sun, cold beer, sweet beats, groovin crowd... note to self: dancing with glass of beer = spillage!!! doh!

yah... ouch... uhm... time for sleeps



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yes, wicked party!

Very well organized, and the dj's were all amazing. I'm certainly looking forward to doing this all again next year.


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i stopped by on saturday night after 11 once Up wrapped up. didn't impress me compared to being down by the water. the place stank like beer. didn't stay too long. how was alex patterson on friday?
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i checked it out with some people for a couple of hours on saturday night...the music wasn't bad, the people were...an interesting cross section of life, the mc was a moron.

fav mc quote of night: "big ups to canadian djs, we got djs playing all around the world, we got djs in milan, we got djs in italy, we got djs everywhere!"

really, milan _and_ italy? at this point we started heckling.

fav crowd quote of the night: "oh my god, she just lit a joint....did you see that!?! look, look, that's a joint, she's got a joint!!!" this guy was seriously excited about the fact the someone lit a joint near him in the crowd. in fact he was pointing and shouting. the girl with the joint was not amused. *coughlosercough* same guy later, loudly to his friends standing near us: "see that guy? he's on XTC, you can tell by the way he's dancing".....to me the dancing guy looked more like he was on crack than e but, whatever.

we left to go to area 51 at this point.


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ya..who was that moron mc anyway? my friends and i spent our brief time there cracking jokes about him.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by billy:
how was alex patterson on friday?</font>

No Alex Patterson, I don't know if you know but some guy was impersonating him, and got arrested a few weeks ago, he ended up getting released and now he's nowhere to be found.