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[NWJ] Deception - Lets Roll (Drum & Bass Mix)


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Vancouver Island dnb DJ Deception

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| The Track List |

Panacea - State of extasy

Ebony Dubsters - Ra

Johnny L - Let's Roll [vocal Mix]

Usual Suspects - Therapy

Kosheen - Suicide

Ram Trilogy - Mind Overload

Dillinja - Thugs

Total Science - Squash [total science VIP Remix]

Ram Trilogy - Brainwash

Stakka & Skynet & Rob Data - Biosfear

shimon & Andy C - MindKiller

Dj Slip - Keep It Rollin'

Warlockz - Walk With ya Friendz

Slip & Slide - Man of steel

-James T
Turntable / NorthWestJungle.com

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It comes off as a cheap ploy for attention rather than a political statement of any substance. What was the intent?


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I bet you he's trying to make a political statement!

I don't know any dj's looking for attention in these parts...
Don't you think that it would be a bit ironic for a guy named Deception to use some kind of ploy?

Although track 3 is my favorite!
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Turntable said:
I bet you he's trying to make a political statement!

Well, that's my point. It fails at being at producing that effect.

I recall this rap group using an image of the towers assploding on their album. It was closer to 9/11, but the general reception wasn't that they did anything politically intriguing, only that it was a lame effort to stir controvery and gain publicity.


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If you are questioning his political statement as non verbal form of communication that is intended to influence a decision to be made for or by a group (maybe to download this music). I don't really know what to say. Maybe this kind of post should be in the 'Politics' forum. :confused:

But - If you are judging a book by it's cover then you are entitled to your opinion.
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