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nuskoolish Breakz - june mix


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Watsup just did this mix on the fly yesterday most trax are from the past few months, hope u enjoy!


Moston & Malente - The 2 & Only - Nick Thayer Remix [Splank!]
Kickflip - Freaky Funky Nasty [Fat!]
DJ Love - Rolling Fire [Air Recordings]
The Sweaty Humps - Bump Ya Booty [East]
Stanton Warriors feat. Beatnuts - Shake it up [Punks]
Ed Solo, Skool of Thought - Hot & Heavy [Supercharged]
Sly Fidelity & Clubfoot - Feel the Bass [Tagsta]
Metcalfe - Chameleon [Sanskara]
Santa Fe - Tunel (Mesmer) [Sango Music]
Transformer Man - Dance Master (Influenza) [Epidemic]
Neztic - Kickin' Down [MOB]
Shodan & Fatman D - And The Beat Goes (Ctrl Z & Yoof Sons Of Mecha remix) [Bounce!]
The Autobots & Screwface Feat. Navigator - Burn (DJ Icey) [Broken]
Care In The Community, Cutty Ranks - Badness Can't Work [Supercharged]
Soul of Man - Sukdat (Rogue Element) [Finger Lickin]
Viro, Sitori - Come & Go (Rektchordz) [Nulogic]
Introspective - Inside [Sinister]
Echosphere - Nothing At All (Demonixx) [Journees Music]


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Nice set. I downloaded it by accident as I'm not huge on breaks much, but I dig the mix. Thanks.
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