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NUMB 9 year

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feisty boy

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i've heard rumours nicky's not showing, thanks to the sars panic.
might be fun to see him though, it's been a couple years since i saw him touch down in toronto.


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it seems to me
that the proper thing to do
would be to call NUMB yourself
and then POST what they said

... rather than spread a "rumour"

I wish I could go.
But I am dJing out of town this long weekend.

feisty boy

TRIBE Member
hey, i'm only spreading a rumour (and labeling it as such), because there's always people on tribe who know more than me, and rumours are usually confirmed or dispelled on this board rather quickly.

feisty boy

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As you all know there has been an abundant amount of propaganda about Toronto and our situation with SARS around the world. This has caused many problems for business of all kinds, including the promotion of entertainment events. We have had to deal with such stresses. We had booked Nicky Blackmarket at the end of February for the Hustlin’ Beats and Numb event. Ryan Ruckus received a phone call from MC Fearless 2 days before he left for his tour in the UK in mid April, Nicky Blackmarket had mentioned concerns about Toronto to Fearless and was asking about SARS. Ruckus told Fearless to relay a message to Nicky that the SARS issue wasn’t dangerous and was under control. After the ban was placed on Toronto, Nicky Blackmarket had said he did not want to come to Toronto.
While in the UK, Ruckus has spoken to other artists about Toronto and their concerns. He explained to them what was really going on and that things were being blown way out of proportion. After reasoning, most of the artists had a different perspective. Eksman and Foxy were having mixed feelings about heading over here. Sadly, there was still no easing Nicky’s Mind.
A few days later the ban was lifted off of Toronto, Ruckus was still on tour. He tried to talk to Nicky and showed him that the ban was lifted, but Nicky still refused. He’s a married man with 2 children and there was nothing that would change his mind.
A good thing though, pervious to the whole SARS situation, we had already been looking to add a surprise guest, we inquired about Darren Jay and confirmed him just two days prior to Nicky Blackmarket canceling, which was the day before Ruckus came back from England. The reason we didn’t make an announcement right away was because we needed to take all appropriate measures to make sure the booking for Darren Jay was finalized and that Nicky Blackmarket was 100% not going to play. Please understand we did what we could.
This event wasn’t planned to be a UK showcase of DJ’s. It’s a party to celebrate the birthday of a very important artist who loves and respects Toronto and the anniversary of a store that cares and supported the community for 9 years. There aren’t many people around these days who remember the opening of Numb and realize the importance that family-run business has had on the growth of our industry.
We hope you guys understand the situation and still come out to enjoy a night of party and celebration alongside the heavyweight sounds of the original A.W.O.L. don…
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