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Numark TT200 Turntable Repair


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I decided to dust off these bad boys. The one works fine. The other has a broken Tonearm Base. It comes apart which causes the tonearm to not track properly and the weight to cause the tone arm to bounce around.


(the picture is from the internet, not a tt200 but same idea)

So I have been doing some poking around, I haven't found a good guide on how to fix this.
The best I found was ifixit.com webpage describing how to fix a TT1600

Numark TT1600 Tone Arm Replacement

Anyone tried to replace a tone arm base assembly before? Do I have to go from the bottom, remove the base cover and access it from the bottom?

Here is a replacement assembly for $65 bucks. Tonearm Base Assembly, TT-X1/200 - USED

Maybe I might be better picking up a different turntable on Kijji.

Let me know if you can any good ideas on how to fix this.


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Thanks.....so far lots of screws not much luck.

I took out all of the base screws but it wont seperate. Where the control arm is wont release from the base. From what I read and watched you remove the base to access the control arm....

need to read more.