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Nu-Skool Breaks?


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What's up Breaks heads!

ever since picking up Starecase Sound System's BitterLittlePill 12' i've been loving the progressivey-nu-skool-breaksey sound. does anybodys of any arists who produce_similar_sounds???

**Fiending for the beats**
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Come on! where's all the Breaks gurus?

I usually spin house but lately i've been feelin' that progressive-ish nu skool breaks sound>>>

i would love to hear any listening recomendations that anyone has!

>>>>>>:confused: house head needs to be educated!


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you should check out the dj hyper bedrock breaks sampler. there are 4 records and about 12 tracks in total on it.

i'm hardly an expert, but here are some artists i know of or like. not all of them have that progressive influence though.

BLIM (my favorite)
lee coombs
tipper (quirky sometimes a bit too out there)
krafty kuts
koma and bones (mostly darker stuff)
meat katie
rennie pilgrem
plump DJs (another one of my favorites)
beber and tamara (not really my thing, but one of them sings in all their tracks which is something different)


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Thanks for the reccomendations.>>>now all i have to do is dig through the crates and find these 'choons.............
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