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[Nu Skool Breaks & Electro] DJ Psyence & DJ B Like Bert - Summer Egos

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by DJ_Psyence, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. DJ_Psyence

    DJ_Psyence TRIBE Member

    Well I wrote something all nice, here it is:

    DJ B Like Bert and DJ Psyence, collectively known as MASSO DJs, face off in this summer blend of Electro-House and Nu Skool Breaks goodness.

    A build-up after build-up of egos in this 40 mins of madness, bound to end up in fists flying--or I suppose 'pumping' if you're listening in Jersey.

    Mixed live in Toronto with some signature edits in mastering.


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    01. Rockets - Electric Delight (Intrallazzi remix) ( + Get Get Down Acapella)
    02. Agent Sumo - Snakecharmer
    03. Unconditional - Magic Fett (Matte Le Roi 2006 mix) (+ Planetbass mashup)
    04. Dj Roman Tomashek - Move That Deejay ( + Pornojoy acapella)
    w/ Jackie Gleason - I've Got it Bad and That Aint Good
    06. Stanton Warriors - Da Antidote
    07. Dopamine, Diverted - Only One (BLIM remix)
    08. Klaus Heavyweight Hill, Dopamine - Ah Baby
    09. Vinyl Life - Rhythm Rock You (Dopamine Breaks Mix)
    10. One Foot In The Groove feat. Lynsey Davies - That's The Way It Is (Peak Time Players Electro remix)
    11. Mars and The Phat Riderz - Communistic Funky Beat (4Kuba mix)


    MASSO DJs.com

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