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Nrg/kingdom.....never Again...broken Everything


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well, i thought i would adventure away from beats ofr a night and re visit my wasted youth. i went to kingdom with my buddy jay (some may know him)
in the club got jumped by some kraft dinner eating bald head sportin cousin dating father f*ucking 2 dollar white trash honkies!

both of us hit, but fine, broken noe...ill get over it

then if not to top it all off, getting into the car to take me to emergency, 6 dudes come piling in to jump yet againg. this time jay got some beats and i broke my foot.
we didnt even know either grops of boys....grrrr

now i am immobile and wallowing in self pity...hahahhaha


Pure Silk

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Ouch bro thats ruff!!!!

hopefully u gave em a close fisted handshake to the mouth aswell

Tip: u can't go out thinking ur going to be a victim cause if u tink like that, chances are u will


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Neil... dude... sorry to hear it bro.

I FUCKIN HATE THAT SHIT HOLE!!! its full of Juiced up gino's, wannabe gangtahs, 40 year old perverts and fuckin little hoes that'll drop their pants for a beer!

Neil, We're goin back within the next few weeks, Remember what they look like and dont forget it.

One on one fights i have no problem with, Multi people jumpings i do, especially with friends.

Give me a call this week, I need to discuss something with you.



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My babies!! When u told me this, I felt SICK! That is exactly why I hate the bar scene! This also why I LOVE our scene and all of u! I wanna come kick some ass too!*waves hand trying to be seen* Ive been partying for about 5yrs and have never seen a fight or altercation(sp?) Grrrr! Lots of love ur way Neilio.


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ARE YOU F*CKN SERIOUS?????? I can't believe this....I am in so much shock... People are complete morons lacking all type of intelligence and common sense. They just jumped you outta the blue like that...and twice?
A broken nose is crappy but a broken foot is even worse...how long do you have to stay off your feet?

If you guys are planning revenge then let me know cause I am definately in (Dawn knows what I am capable of...esp dealing with guys in the parking lot!!!!)

Hope you feel better and heal up real soon. Say Hi to Jay for me!!I'm wishing you both a speedy recovery...


PS. Something like this proves how lucky we are to be part of such a wiikid scene, and why it is so important to keep idiots like that out of our world and in the bar scene where they belong!
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thanks for all your offers and condolences.....we will see what the outcome has.
but you are all right....thank god for breaks......good times good music good friends and good beer!

increase the peace....
peace out
new kids on the block

humor is the best remedy.........can we say READERS DIGEST MUCH?!

sincerely thanks though!


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Originally posted by STR8UP*

If you guys are planning revenge then let me know cause I am definately in (Dawn knows what I am capable of...esp dealing with guys in the parking lot!!!!)

Haha! This crazy mutherfu*ker got a gun pulled on us while I was trying to defend her drunk ass! In that very same parking lot! Oh smellie, what would I do without u.
That bar is trouble!


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I haven't been to that shit hole in years
Last time I went was like 3 years ago and it was on a friday night
back when The Edge used to run friday nights there
It was so hurting ... there was like 20 people there and they were all scarey goths
I'm kinda surprised that place is still open ... being the shit hole it is
And it seems like there's fights there every weekend
Damn drunk burlington hicks



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Yo... !!!
i can't Believe this.....
I want in on this too....!!!
Im not a street fighter but im pretty sure i can cause a distraction to sumone so they can kicked in the balls......
Kingdom sucks man......
its all ages... Literally all ages.. ive seen 14 year olds there talkin to like 67 year olds...
its totally not worth a trip there...
to here who.. DJ TJ. HahaaA..
ID rather hear Chu Or Dave Or Jonny...
NOT worth it...

Get better Jay and Neil.....

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holy shit neil!!!!!!! that really sux! im sorry to hear :( the good part is that u guys just have minor injuries compared to what could have happened! NRG is reTarded! full of idiots like that. hope all goes well for yea :D