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Now Porter wants an even longer runway than first proposed at Toronto Island airport


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Whatever, octo's point remains: we are some crunchy, whining selfish assholes who can't see the city's benefit past its own impact on our personal corner of the city.

Let's sign on for some chinese government I say - they want to build highways?

They build fuckin' highways.

They gotta move a few houses? People get moved - valleys get flooded.

Shit gets built - and the hippies can suck a dick about the "vibrancy of their neighbourhood", which is and always has been a conceit layered on top of competition for authenticity. People feel development makes their exclusivity less valuable.

Hence "save our neighbourhood" campaigns when a developer wants to build a condo - or when the city wants to build a highway or some light rail...
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water front development is a patchwork of small projects that may or may not end up as cohesive waterfront.

You have no idea what you're talking about on this.

From Jarvis to Parliament to Cherry to the Shipping Channel to Cherry Beach, ALL of it has been master planned and will be developed as a cohesive uninterrupted linked network.

It's literally insulting to suggest that it's a patchwork. Entire people's careers have been spent on the future of the waterfront east of Jarvis.

The only part of the "waterfront" that is still up in the air is the north side of the Keating Channel from Cherry Street to the Don Roadway. It all depends on what happens to the Gardiner.


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Entire people's careers have been spent on the future of the waterfront east of Jarvis.

those people should find new careers cause their plan sucks! :p

i kid! fine i'm wrong on the waterfront. but to an outsider it seems like a patchwork. to me the water front includes ontario place. that's up in the air. and good point in bringing up the gardiner. that's another ongoing battle that doesn't get sorted out because no one has power/money to make things happen. the water front also includes the airport.

i want to live in a Paradise City, but everyone preaches Patience. All we get is Double Talkin Jive from our politicians. We need someone to stet up and Get in the Ring with some Attitude.

I'm with Praktik. we need a Chinese Democracy!

obviously i'm procrastinating at work