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Novo at Apothecary


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What a night.

Awesome people, great music, and a nice intimate atmosphere.

Shouts out to Suzanne, Billy, Chris and Cynthia, the best bar staff in the city, hands down!

Thanks to everyone on Tribe that came out to show support. DIWC, Vinder, Jazz, Jasmyn, Jon Tremblay (you wanna play at the next Novo event?).

Thanks to Kalemic, Paulinia, and Steve Mack for playing top notch sets as usual.

Being in the washroom stall and listening to two guys talking about how tight the vibe was and how cool all the people were, was the highlight of my night.

Sean, where are the pictures?

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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i had a lot of fun for the short time i was there. sean (kalemic) and paulinia both played some great records and did a great job warming things up. steve mack came on and carried on with more great tunes but unfortunately i had to leave about 40 minutes in to his set. i hadnt been to apothecary for a long time and i have to say it was a nice to be back there. the staff was really friendly (escpecially the door girl with the fur hat!) and the crowd was a lot of fun. seemed like things were just taking off when i had to leave. big kudos to sean for putting together a fun, FREE, saturday night jam complete with great music, great people, and a great venue. i'll definitely be back for the next one.

good to see DIWC and vinder out too. werd.


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Very cool night. Walked by this space so many times and wondered what it was like inside. Well, with Steve Mack spinning, this place turned out to be a very nice, quaint, bass box. Great set Steve, I didn't even need the two-for-one drinks to enjoy it, lol. Steve and Miss Handstand opened proper. A return visit is definitely in the cards.


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'Twas fun!!!

- great music
- friendly faces
- small, intimate space
- 2 4 1 drink tix
- enthusiastic promoters trying to give away said drink tix....!

Too bad I didn't have the energy to appreciate this fully, but it made for a lovely interlude in my sleep-filled weekend!


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I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that made it out! Had a GREAT time!!! And the turnout was higher than I expected! Looks like we'll be trying this again soon! Big thanks to everyone who provided great music and hand stands for entertainment. ;)

Here are a couple of fun shots from the night (I forgot to charge the camera's battery so my friend actually ran the camera out super early on) :eek:

The crowd earlier on in the night.

Best picture of the night IMO :p
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Jon Tremblay

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Originally posted by Mr_Furious
What a night.

Thanks to everyone on Tribe that came out to show support. DIWC, Vinder, Jazz, Jasmyn, Jon Tremblay (you wanna play at the next Novo event?).

This was a really good night, I'm so happy that Will and Sean created something in such in intimate venue. So many friendly faces and the bar staff was top notch. Smackers played a great set, really nice driving house especially the last record :p

Mr. Furious, if the offer still stands hopefully we can work something out :)


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The staff at Apothecary wanted everyone to know that they thought everyone was first rate as well. They all said they had fun, and that it was a great party, and we're welcome back anytime.