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novation drumstation?

Mike Goodwin

TRIBE Member
Has anyone here used one of these things?

If so what did you think of it?

I am just looking for some staple drum sounds and dont want to go hunting for samples all the time. I use 808 and 909 most of the time, yes I am another lemming. Hey what can I say they work.

The only other sound source I am thinking about is the jomox airbase, it is alot more cash but it is a better box from what I can gather from reading on the web.

Just curious what other people thought.

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the Novation Drumstation is just what you're thinking - a pallette of 808 and 909 sounds in a midi box with no sequencer...

I used to use one all the time and really liked it, but I've moved on from using those sounds predominantly.

If you're interested, I still have one here that's not seeing much use. Buying it used may make the decision easier :D


TRIBE Member
great box,
really really close to 909/808 sounds but with more features ie tuning on a clap or cowbell (not on the original beat boxes).

it's got a great din output so you can send time code to old kits like a 303 or 202.

make sure you get version 2 (orange not yellow stripe) or a D-station. and make sure that the power supply is the newer version. the old ones were poo.

very versitile box.

Mike Goodwin

TRIBE Member
hey thanks for the feedback.

It is something I am going to think about for a wile.

So what is wrong with the power supply? Did it just crap out? or did it just not do a very good job?
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Hey mike, sorry about that...just cleared out some space haha

but I remember you're AFK for a bit...I'll call you