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not posting. help.


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okay, sooo......a month or two ago, my main machine went down, and since i've been crazy busy, i've put off fixing it.
here is the story:
the machine was being a bit weird, having some odd graphics issues (not allowing me to use my default resolution settings) and losing connectivity to my keyboard and mouse. I hard rebooted after i lost connectivity to my keyboard, and it never powered back up. Turns out the power supply had died. So i replaced the psu (with a much nicer one no less) and when i powered up, it didnt post. I've pulled the ram and disconnected my drives, and still no post. according to some diagnostics led's on my board its saying that the cpu is damaged. now here is my question.....if the cpu is infact damaged, would that cause the mb to not post?

any help would be appreciated.

i guess it would be good to note the specs: msi k8n neo4, amd 64 x2, 4 gigs corsair ram, 4 wd 200 gig harddrives (raid 0+1)


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Yeah. I believe that is one of the first few things that are checked during the POST, so if your CPU is fried, it will halt there. Though having said that, I thought my CPU/Mobo was toast (I could only boot into Windows intermittently) , and it turned out to be my RAM


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if your cpu is fried, you may not post

if your ram is bad, you may not post

if your mb is bad, you may not post

if there is a physical short somewhere, you may not post

i was shorting out my motherboard somewhere because the case was designed poorly and sometimes the connections on the back would hit the case and cause some who-knows-what-damage-may-ensue shorting, and it would either freeze or simply not post on boot

generally i find the problems are (in order of frequency of my personal life) ..

a) bad ram (how does old ram die? because it seems to)
b) fried components from overheating or overclocking (both cpu and mb)
c) some sort of physical anomaly (shorting)