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#NOSYNC John E @ Bassline Bar


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Bassline bar is an interesting location. For a smaller venue, it's got a kick ass system. The crowds out as well.

Missed John E we split at midnight. But it was pretty well done. Someone else can chime in there.

I think they had this thing running at around 50%, or your ears will bleed. I caught myself saying a few times to the lady, you know this system rocks. Balanced sound and sounds great.

Back to Bassline itself looks like an converted bar bistro type thing. Managed to even get a decent size dancing area /DJ booth for the size of the crowd it works well!

Aaron played some pretty good old bangers. Can't argue with sane pint prices as well. I kept on grabbing tank house and the bartender lady thought I was saying I want tech house.

Great night!


some raw footage
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Bassline is a sweet little spot, out of the way from all the hubbub but still easily accessible, which suits an old fogey like me just fine. They operate as a restaurant in the day, and the kitchen, which is at the back behind the DJ booth, runs at night, too, giving the place an oldschool speakeasy kind of feel - there's something strangely comforting about the smell of french fries wafting across the dancefloor as orders are run to the front. The owner and staff are friendly and laid back, and you can tell they endeavour to attract an open-minded and unpretentious crowd with the range of events they have booked.

NOSYNC itself was hella fun. The crowd was older, very FTWK, refreshingly polite and un-pushy on the dancefloor. Wonderful absence of fist-pumping pylons - this was a roomful of people who came to move. Sound is perfect for the room, the booth just needs to be tweaked a bit for playing wax - a little suspension for the decks will take care of low-end rumble and the occasional skip caused by an enthusiastic dancefloor. Add a booth monitor, and it'll be perfect. ;)

Musically, Aaron brought a crateful of bangers, ramping up the energy for John E, who busted out a fine blend of house, funky breaks and even a couple of techno tracks. The man's experience shows - he knows how to work a crowd, and with the exception of a couple of lulls, had the floor bumping the entire time we were there. 6 hours in a classroom earlier in the day had me wiped out, so we didn't stick around for Sage's set, but all-in-all, this night easily topped any of the big-name, big-venue (big price tag) gigs I've been to as of recent.

With only a $5 cover and DJs who truly care about their craft, this is one of those nights you want to be successful, but that you hope won't get big to the point where they're packed to the rafters. If Saturday night was any indication, it'll soon be headed toward the latter. I have no doubt that the NOSYNC crew will find a way to balance it all out. Props, guys!
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I had an awesome time.

Ian (WestsideWax, above) played a nice, eclectic set that spanned a very wide variety of music. Everything in the vast expanse between house and techno with plenty of acid sprinkled here and there... ranging from groovy to bumpin to crunchy. :)

Aaron played some great house bangers, like Ian said. It was a great set where the floor never stopped moving... I couldn't stop dancing. I was particularly impressed with his loyal followers, since they were able to pick up on and cheer for specific tracks he was mixing in with only the tiniest of audible clues - they know their stuff!

John E kept the momentum going with all sorts of great tracks. I really like it when DJs can seamlessly transition between genres - John E floated from house to breaks to electro and back, effortlessly.

The crowd was super nice, too... met a few nice people! Definitely a fun night.

Bottom line: I'll definitely attend more NOSYNC events in the future. :)

Aaron Bradley

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We are so glad that everyone is having fun. That is what it is all about. To be honest, you guys and the staff at Bassline are the ones that are making these nights amazing! We'll be giving out more VIP's at are next one and we are still looking for more DJ's for the upcoming months!

Special thanks to John E !!! We are not worthy!!!!

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