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NOSTRUM @ Vibe Alive!


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I got there towards the end of Marco P's set, sounded good from the bar.
Then Nostrum came on, I wasn't sure what to expect. But he tore it up, he played really hard, and kicked in his older tracks like "Brilliant". It was nice to hear quality trance. And he got pretty fast too!
Phat Kat I have never really heard before, I was expecting "Euro Trance" (what it says on the flyers) but he kicked it hard, starting out with some pretty acidy tunes, and got nice and melodic.
Sound system also kicked ass!

hopefully I'll finish up the roll of film soon...

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I had a great time.
My name wasnt on the flyer,
but I was asked to dJ very last minute
I opened this event & played mostly trance like breaks,

I havent opened an event in years...
There were people there,
but its weird feeling being the opening dJ.
The one who sets the moood from when you first walk into that party.

respects the all the new dJs out there..
no pressure being first right? ;)

------ PHoTo's -------

what a great shirt Im wearing.
I bought it at the pacific-sun in niagria falls.

And heres me blowing my fox 40
while dJ's ( right to left )
Jason Marshal, Marco P, & Unibomber
are ALL preparing little sandwichs for everybody ;)


go leafs go!!!
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Marty! Nice finally getting to say hi to you ... sorry didn't get to catch your set - my original plan was to hit the party when it opened ... but then somebody turned on the leaf game and next thing you know i'm driving to my set at midnight and they are still in triple overtime ( thank god i made it past the ACC before the final goal )!

Anyway ... good to say hi :)

Peace brother - Lyphe