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normal pl think that if you like techno that you like edm


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i had no idea when richie hawtin, carl craig, loco dice, and dj sneak were at ryerson for dubspot talking about edm and how it will be a big term used commercailly that it would bug me like this.

i make jokes with ppl about ebm and idm.

edm ppl are asking shit like whats the difference bn trance and house. omg.

i am going to the acid thread now while i ram some jak beat.
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EDM is to Loco Dice/Carl Craig as Matchbox 20 is to "punk" or as The Monkees were to Hippie Counterculture...

But the larger question is whether co-optation and the "uncooling" of cool is a top-down story of Big Commercial Interests Ruing Everyone's Fun - or rathermore whether the EDM we see today wasn't an entirely predictable result and longstanding output of "counterculture", which has always been an intimate part of consumerism if not one of the most important parts!. Perhaps the term "counterculture" is a misnomer to begin with!

We can think back to the heady "early days" and the ways this scene linked to art/fashion and other statements of taste - the way we obsessed over genres and competed to demonstrate our knowledge of the music by explaining the difference between "house" and "techno". This self-sorting and continuing display of authenticity, what some call "status seeking", is a basic input to capitalist consumerism - the products we buy (and don't buy), the "lifestyle" we embody, these all become vessels for the expression of our identity

Maybe the real question is whether we should have expected any other result than the rise of EDM - since our scene's inherent competitiveness, links to consumer culture and our own social psycholody were likely to lead us to this outcome.

After shedding the old myth of co-optation and my emotional attachment to noble narratives of the Early Hippie, I became a lot less fussed about the rise of EDM.

Complaints of it seemed like so much fluff afterwards - like more a reflection of OGs in the scene feeling threatened by the dilution of cool. IF anything the explosion of EDM has just surrounded me with more electronic derived music - and maybe led more "normals"/mainstreamers into the underground as they started with Skrillex and moved to more interesting stuff!


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Patrik your post was very eloquent and thank you for that. Can you elaborate on "shedding" as I think I require this therapy as I too am emotional attached. any insight you may have on this matter would be helpful.

I would like to reframe my attachments and have a more healthy view. Man I tell you I am full of hate, predjudice and general elite-ism thinking wrt beats.
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I Wouldn't be a technical DJ if it wasn't for DJ Sneak. That's the truth.

I Spent one thousand hours spinning his shit.


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veld is this weekend
digital dreams
electric island
beaches jazz festival
indie rock to edm to beaches bullshit jazz festivals are expensive and/or they suck


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Conversation goes something like this:

What kind of music do you listen to?
Oh you mean house? Yeah I listen to EDM.

/pretends to listen then eventually walk away.