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Nordic Track Pro Plus Computer SKI MACHINE


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Nordic Track Pro Plus Computer SKI MACHINE

Set out on a cross-country adventure

Whatever your adventure calls for, you’ll be ready. That’s because no other machine offers the calorie-burning, total-body workout of the original Classic Pro Skier from NordicTrack. You’ll tone muscles, burn calories and improve cardiovascular fitness without injury since this machine has no impact to joints. Smooth, strides work lower-body muscles, while the unique arm motion shapes the entire upper body.

NordicTrack's legendary flywheel system now also part of upper body exerciser for the easiest, smoothest way to build arm, shoulder, chest and back muscles.
Solid, integrated, low-to-the-ground base designed for added stability.
New, padded handrails let you hold on with confidence, while working the lower body only or when getting on and off the machine.
New , easier-to-adjust "click-stop" elevation allows higher intensity workouts and added variety.
Convenient electronics console makes adjustments and monitoring your workout easier than ever.
New, wider skis keep you steady.
Redesigned foot pads keep you in the proper stance.
This NordicTrack is offered to you in excellent working condition.

Asking 400.00 obo

Or a trade equal to my asking price.

Pm or email ddiplomat at hotmail
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