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Nokia Renaissance - Roy Thompson Hall

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Libradragon, Feb 9, 2002.

  1. Libradragon

    Libradragon TRIBE Promoter

    the sound inside was mindblowing.
    the sets were okay.
    healthy amount of people there.
    but i wasn't really feeling it.

    your thoughts?
  2. MalGlo

    MalGlo TRIBE Member

    i was really curious on how this would come out.. but i was workin till 11 last night.. and startin at 7am today.. uhh.. [​IMG] wasn't gonna happen..

    More reviews!
  3. zoo

    zoo TRIBE Member

    i really wanted to party in a nice venue like that

    oh well

    i guess i'll just have to get drunk at RTH and liquid to Madama Butterfly


    where are all the reviews? are you all still partying?
  5. Redout

    Redout TRIBE Member

    When I had first arrived I was looking for the main room. Of course like the idiot that I was I started to walk around and around when suddenly after walkin in a circle for 4-5 times I realized that I've just came back to the same spot over and over (of course the alcohol didn't help neither) I asked one of the (what seems to be) 2000 security gaurd where I can get to the main floor. Finally I get downstairs!!! I didn't really stay for long last night but I think Micro played an amazing set, probably the best set of the year so far. I also caught a bit of Jelo's set and he, himself din't dissapoint.
    Great night!!!

  6. rentboy

    rentboy TRIBE Member

    I heard Starecase OWNED!!!!

    Any feedback on that?
  7. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    I got lost under in the basement while trying to find the main room. Signs everywhere all looked the same (Level 1, Section 25; Level 1 , Section 25a).

    I walked around and around a bunch of times too. Its lucky it wasn't rotating.
  8. afterglow

    afterglow TRIBE Member

    What did I think?


    I mostly was at the hall area. I only made 'rounds' a few times and enetered the main room once.

    [sarcasm]But I must say I really enjoyed to heated smoking area![/sarcasm]

    The pinacle of class and style? I didn't exactly see it. I think it was the sawn diving guy who helped made my final decision. And the guy who asked my date is he wanted to go rent video cameras and moake porn with him after the party.

    The music was good. That's basically all I can say at this point. I haven't been able to figure out whether I liked this or didn't.

    Too many pros, and waaaaay many cons.

  9. Mr_Furious

    Mr_Furious TRIBE Member

    Are you talking about the guy that thought he was a ballerina? his friend got beat up by this girl downstairs. The ballerina and his friend were dancing downstairs with this female, they looked like they were all friends, but then all of a sudden the girl grabbed the guy and started kneeing him in the head.

    That might have been Ron Jeremy the porno star. He was probably the ugliest guy in there. But I've never watched porn...my friend told me all this [​IMG]

    I thought this was a wicked party. There wasn't anything that bothered me about it. Big clean venue, good music, lots of room to dance, lots of room to chill. Being a non-smoker I loved the fact that it was non-smoking. For once I didnt have trouble keeping my eyes open from the dryness in the air caused by cigarette smoke. Even though I was completely sober...I had to walk around the main floor about 2 times to finally realize I had been walking in a circle. All the sets downstairs were pretty good. The bi surprise of the night was Jelo, I've never heard him play that hard before. Micro and Starecase were both also really good. Although as my friend said...Starecase was a little anti-climactic after micro. Did anyone try those $6 sandwiches from the snack bar? They were really good [​IMG]
  10. dimpy

    dimpy TRIBE Member

    does the ballerina guy have red hair and kind of prance around and then evry once in a while dance harder as if to battlle someone? that shit is too funny
  11. chickpea

    chickpea TRIBE Member

    The main reason I wanted to go to this party was to see how the venue could work in this way. I must admit I felt like I was trespassing being on the symphony's stage [​IMG]

    I thought the main room looked great. I enjoyed Paul Walker, Dekoze, Jelo and Kenny Glasgow but the highlight of the night was by far Starecase. I spend quite some time trying to avert the flying limbs of the aformentioned ballerina guy, and was positioned a little too close to both of the fights his friend got into with that really trashed girl. They were fucked.

    The night ended perfectly with purple lights shining on the metal of the pipe organ with the last Starecase chill vocal track fading out - amazing.
  12. vinder

    vinder TRIBE Member

    i went for the venue. i loved the venue. turns out the music was good too. imo, dekoze OWNED, then jelo rocked the place. then kenny threw down hard upstairs. goodness me, there wasn't much bacondancing going on as the beats had me going full out most of the night.

    one question though, what was with everyone standing around!? the music was soo good and you'd just see people just standing, not even bobbing their heads? whatever, their loss.

    all i can say is that it was a much needed change of scenery for me, and i loved every minute of it! even the 2000000 security guards were friendly, so cheers to them too.

    great venue, great music, and most importantly great friends with big fat smiles on their faces.
  13. afterglow

    afterglow TRIBE Member

  14. tobywan

    tobywan TRIBE Member

  15. Mr_Furious

    Mr_Furious TRIBE Member

    no, but I know the guy that you're talking about. He hangs out at system.
  16. DJNMAC


    So Rom Jeremy made an appearance, is that what Im hearing? Was he dancing? was he picking up women? details please...
  17. Gunark

    Gunark TRIBE Member

    I think it's the same guy that used to go to Turbo a lot. He would spin in circles and make weird yelping and wooing noises (like REALLY loud).
  18. Variant

    Variant TRIBE Member

    Man.. that never happens in toronto!
  19. Wave

    Wave TRIBE Member

    Had an excellent time at Renaissance. It didn't really merit "rebirth of the scene" status, but it was definitely a departure from most everything else going on, and hopefully a concept that will catch on.

    Good to see so many older people out. Prooves the point that as you get older, you don't need to drop out of the scene...just find the right occasions.

    Highlights of the night: Kenny Glasgow; Deko-ze; Heather (she rocked!); and the venue! Last time I was at Roy Thomson Hall was for a Philip Glass concert. Nice departure this was!!!
  20. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Jake the Snake asked Ron Jeremy was going to Nokia and he said no. Weird. Anyone else see him there?

    And someone please explain how the "main room" was. I wanna know the details of the layout and how the seating situation was handled.
  21. vinder

    vinder TRIBE Member

    you danced on the stage in the "main room" the upstairs level of seating right above the stage was where the dj was, the rest was open for people to sit in.

    i didn't see ron jeremy either.
  22. PaRtYKiD

    PaRtYKiD TRIBE Member

    They answered our prayers, yet we didn’t even bother showing up.

    When word first came around to me about the idea of this ground-breaking event, I couldn’t help but be completely extatic about the entire concept. I mean, what have been the issues we have been looking to address in this culture for the previous years? Decent venues in which to spend our nights out, and a drop of respect from mainstream culture and media.

    I believed Renaissance would be a stepping stone to bringing some of those aspects to our embattled scene. To some extent it was, however to a greater extent it was not.

    The actual event itself was well drawn out and executed with precision. The helpful staff and abundant staff of Roy Thompson Hall fitted quite perfectly with the elegant building to which they were employed.

    Ryan was quoted in The Toronto Star on Friday as this being an event catered to the 21+ crowd. And from what I saw, it most certainly was. The attendees took the dress code to heart and showed up with a degree of sass and sophistication. Although it would seem even with age and maturity, a great deal of people seemed to forget to leave their lavish drug lifestyles to their wreckless youth.

    After a slow start at the tables, DJ Heather rocked the joint in her last 30 minutes at the tables. The ‘house’ area was stagged in the lobby, right across from the out door “lets see if we can finish a smoke in less than 4 minutes before we freeze our asses off” area. Big daddy Sneak hit the decks as excepted at 3:15 and blessed us all with the funky sassy ass over-the-top house we know and love him for. Sound in both rooms was golden and crisp, nothing less would of been acceptable of course. I had some seriously issues trying to get anything together on the carpeted dance floor, which mostly consisted of me tripping over my own feet for most of the night.

    Attendance must of been somewhere between 500-700. That is a lax judgement call, I couldn’t exactly put my finger on an amount with everyone being spread out throughout RTH. Not to mention there it seemed like a 2:1 ratio of staff per guest.

    This leads me right into the biggest shame of the night, and its directed to the party scene of Toronto.

    What the hell is the matter with you?

    We as a community have been screaming out of our ears for years for an event like this to be put in motion. We have complained and whined till our faces turned blue over venues and lack of respect from the mainstream media. Now a group of ballsy and vision guided promoters put together a night like this, and who shows up? Next to nobody! Whether this was just a solution that came too late, or a serious lapse of judgement on behalf of the Toronto community, I don’t know. But regardless, these gutsy promoters put their asses on the line for us, and we stood them up. We failed ourselves.

    Top to bottom, a exceptional and groundbreaking event. It is truly a shame Toronto didn’t turn out to support what could of been a turning point in our bewildered and lost scene.

  23. PaRtYKiD

    PaRtYKiD TRIBE Member

    oh yea I shook Ron Jeremy's too...

    in the presence of a master


  24. PaRtYKiD

    PaRtYKiD TRIBE Member


  25. Libradragon

    Libradragon TRIBE Promoter

    i think the word is that there were 1200-1300 ppl there.

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