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nokia 770


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I just got one of these things through work. I gotta say, it rocks. The most important thing with these handhelds, IMHO, is the screen, and tehy got it right. It's pressure sensitive and a sharp 800x600, much better then the typical QVGA screens. Internally, they've made the OS and system transparent, with development tools and docs easily available, so there's already a lot of 3rd party applications and a ton of sw that only needs to be built with the dev kit to work.

What's really powerful is the abilty to ssh into it and configure it via a terminal session just like any other linux computer. And this linux computer is particularly well configured, with automounting etc. It took about 5min to setup a flash swap partition on an mmc card, although that can drastically shorten the life of a mmc card it makes a difference with a lot of apps running for memory. It's configured to be very flexible too, it can operate as a usb device or a usb host, so you can plug a third computer into it to get network access via gprs, or do it the other way around to share a desktop network hookup if there's no wifi. Similarly it's also posisble to setup the bluetooth radio on it to run as a server or connect to a bluetooth service provider.

Even being able to run the Mozilla browser probally makes the 770 one of the most powerful (e.g. Ajax) palm-top browser solution.
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