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Noise Control W/ Chris Liebing


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Noise Control is a new Bi-Monthly show from Chris Liebing. This first show was recorded in January, so the next one is in March etc etc!


Liebing (CL-R.com, Germany) Noise Control January 2006

1 Billy Dalesandro Come With Me (Gaiser Remix) Resopal
2 Trentemoeller Serenetiite Tic Tac Toe
3 Monolake Plumbicon (Sleeparchive Remix) Imbalance
4 Jambi Who Dropped The Bottle (Someone Else Remix) White
5 Pig And Dan Pig_Dan B Side Cocoon
6 Locodice Carthago Cocoon
7 Mud Max Dog Bite Balkon01
8 Someone Else Bedroom Eyes Foundsound
9 Peace Division Poke White
10 Egoexpress Everybody (Jack Remix) Ladomat
11 John Tejada Voyager White
12 Tim Xavier & Tony Rohr Afternoon Coffee Boys White
13 Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlbeck Mad Eye 5 A side Mad Eye 5
14 Robert Hood Radioaktive Music Man
15 Hell Let No Man Jack (Radioslave Remix) Gigolo
16 Speedy J & Chris Leibing Cream 3 Novamute
17 Alex Bau Meaning Of Darkness CL-R 14
18 Vanguard Feieralarm (Speedy J Remix) Frisbee
19 Silent Breed The Fly Heckmann
20 Motor Sweatbox (Liebing Remix) Novamute
21 Terra Incoginta Surgeon Remake Meta
22 The Advent Tresor West (Liebing Remix) Trsor
23 Speedy J & Chris Leibing Lava Novamute

Noise Control


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New March 2006 Mix

Noise Control March 2006

1 Depeche Mode Darkest Star (James Holden Remix) Mute
2 Layo & Bushwacka Life2live (LocoDice Remix) Olmeto Records
3 Dettmann & Klock Dead man watches the clock Ostgutton
4 Levon Vincent Air Raid Ovum
5 Matthias Tanzmann Bulldozer - Original Mix Moon Harbour
6 DJ Slip Everytime it takes a while (Brocksieper RMX) sub static
7 Zimermann Rocyus Promo
8 Alex Under De Dos Realidades Plus8
9 Tadeo Granate Granada CMYK 03
10 Funk d void and Phil Kieran White Lice Soma
11 Motor Black Powder Novamute
12 The Advent Pagodas (Adam Beyer remix) Tresor
13 FEOS vs MSO Further and further Ongaku
14 Modeselektor Dancing Box feat. TTC - Sleeparchive RMX BPitchControl
15 Alex Bau Meaning of Darkness CLR 14
16 Joey Beltram Intermission (Chris Liebing Remix) Tresor
17 Hardcell Champagneboy 2006 Rendered DrumCode 29
18 Twin Charger Pick up and05
19 The Advent SD4.2. "VYNL Version" Tresor
20 Alex Bau Swelling Sirens CLR 14



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New April Show

Noise Control April 2006

Chris Leibing

1 25 Bitch Org Troy Pierce Minus
2 Transcript Jason Emsley Plazhirsch
3 Get Down 2000 And One Intact
4 Promo Adam Beyer Cocoon
5 Tutto Negativo Donato Dozzy Mental Groove
6 Radiotransmission Sleeparchive Sleeparchive 5
7 Blacklight Sleaze (Radio Slave Dub) Peace Division ????
8 Evil Edna (Deetron Remix) Johnny Arthur ????
9 MPX209 Joris Voorn GR02
10 Beloved (Rebuilt) Mona 2 B Mona Recordings LTD

Guest Mix: Nick AC

11 Boeing We Are Robots ????
12 Cargo Heib Auftrieb
13 Have To Get Back (Non Vox Version) Wink Minus
14 Trust Audio Werner Hartchef Discos
15 Que Belle Epoque 2006 Ricardo Villobos Frisbee
16 Fugue 1 Nope Num LTD
17 Super 8.3 Khan Super 8
18 Scape (Dub) Joris Voorn Keynote
19 For The People Rejected Sound Architecture
20 We Are 1 Unknown We Are Records
21 Forced Fiction John Tejada Palette