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Noise complaints within a house


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In a house situation where the house has been split into separate living quarters and rented out individually, can you call the police with noise complaints? Noise coming through the walls/floors, yet if you were to stand outside, you can't hear it, it's not disturbing anyone else outside of the physical house. The problem is the floors/walls aren't insulated that well.

Anyone? It's come up in the past, never looked into it further.
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separate dwellings are separate dwellings... and excessive noise is excessive noise. it might be more neighbourly to talk to the people first since they might not realize how thin the walls/floors are and then go to the landlord before calling the police but its well within your rights to expect a reasonable level of peace and quiet whether you are in a divided house, apartment building or detached home.

oh toro

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don't waste the limited resources of the police force - they have better things to focus on.

that said, call silverman helps.


there are noise bylaws officers for these sorts of things, though from what i've heard their phone hours are typically 9-5.
not very helpful in the case of, say, noise at any other time.


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  • Bring in 1000 watt sound system.
  • Play Venetian Snares' earlier music on a loop.
  • lock the door, seal the door with bed, bring backup power generator (in case they turn off the power).
  • Go away for the weekend.
  • ???
  • Profit!

I don't guarrantee this will solve any problems but it should provide great future tribe stories.
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AshG said:
there are noise bylaws officers for these sorts of things, though from what i've heard their phone hours are typically 9-5.
not very helpful in the case of, say, noise at any other time.
yeah since the bylaws kick in from 11 at night til 630 in the morn....LOL


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in toronto there are no time periods for noise anymore (well other than construction) you can call and complain whenever you want.


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you guys are getting old and crusty. Get over it and buy some earplugs and stop being a 90 year old bitch.


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