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Nocturnal @ Turbo Reviews


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Wow! WOOOW!...

I got there at 10:30pm thinking that the VIP line up is going to be huge. Well, I got in right away, I was really surprised to see that it was not that packed. And THAT I liked because finally you have SOME room to dance. And guess what? I barely danced (Andy don't kill me!) Let's just say I have used some "enhancements" for the night and they "put me to sleep" rather than do what my intention was for them to do.

so I got there when Ryan Fletcher was "testing" the turntables rather than djying, but then for like 15 mins, he finally started to play some good music, trying to build it up for the next one...

Tim Patrick Good, really good, I guess because being an early set, it was not as hype, but it was still good. He played one of my favs. Chi-co Laa and that really set the mood for some dancing.

Phantasm honestly ROCKED! I swear to God, I think it was the best set for that night, but then again I don't want to diss George because he rocked too, but it's not the turn to talk about him yet
To my surprise, Andrew played an A M A S I N G set. I am used to more "slower" house from him, which he did start his set with. But then the rhythm changed and honestly, HE put the house on fire. Andy, if you want to dj, you should stick to that man, because you really did it last night. I give you mad mad props for that! Great work!

Who was next? Hmmm, I don't know, I am still stuck in Andy's mix LOL Oh, I know, Johnny Fiasco. I don't know, I guess I was really "not myself that time" so I can't remember his set. All I know is that people kinda started to leave when he was on. Honestly, I can't remember his set.

And now *drums beats* "our very own Hatiras is set to make his debut and exclusive appearance @ Turbo" It was a good debut, what I expected from George I got and that is ENERGY and great music. Well, of course, my fav. song is "Spaced Invader", right? He has not and I don't think he will ever dissapoint the crowd, because this "bwoy"'s got talent man! He doesn't have talent to asnwer to his e-mails (HA-HA!) but he's really good at what he's doing. I really like the music he plays and that's one of the reasons he is my fav. DJ at this time for almost... hmmmm 2 years?... We are very lucky to have him in Toronto!!
PROPS George for an amasing performace!...

never got a chance to see Carlo V and I really really wanted to. I even took couple of pics of him and I know he is a good dj. I was soooo tired at that point, I had to leave. But maybe next time...

People started to leave early for some reason and the place was not as hyped up as when Misstress Barbara came 2 weeks ago. I don't know what it was, but I really didn't mind it at all... I had my space to show my talents and I wish I wasn't as "blah" to dance even more. Well, all I know is that they took enough pics of me last night, John, you're crazy, eh? LOL But I didn't mind it at all, just next time, please TELL me when you take the pics so I don't come out so bad! LOL

Overall, I give it a 8.5/10 for last night.

Great job guys, it was a good night!

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Thank you to all of you that made it out for our 5 Year Anniversary Event. All of the DJs and Nocturnal crew had a great time and we hope you did too. We do all our work in the scene 'for the people' and this party was for you to say thanks. We just wanted you to have fun and hear some great tunes and I hope we accomplished that.

There were many individuals who helped us get this thing together and although it's cheesy i'd like to recognize their efforts in making this a special night.

First off, thanks to Wayne, Steve, Jennstar, and all of the Turbo/Lifeforce crew for hosting this event with us.

Second, a very special thanks to all our DJs for the night; Johnny Fiasco (you always keep it real), Hatiras (you da man!!), Tim Patrick (you really got it going), Ryan Fletcher (you're always there for us), & Carlo V (you will get your due).

Third, I'd like to thank all the promoters, DJs, and clubs that have supported us over the years: Hatiras, Pete, & Hollywood @ Liquid Adrenaline; Ryan & Eryk @ Destiny; Ron @ Coast II Coast; Ben, Jim, Samantha, Shannon, Audra, Janos, & Nev @ NASA; Nnamdi, Nneka, & Jason @ All World; Wayne, Steve, Aaron, Tyler, Robbie, & Chris @ Lifeforce; Eddy K @ YYZ; DJ Disciple; Gene Farris; Emily Ng; Baby Hec Romero; Colette & Angel Alanis; Deep Swing; Jon Cutler; Melvin @ Subliminal; Scott @ Mix Connection; Eddie Amador; Louis @ SoulShine; Jamie @ Purple Music; Lars LB; KJG @ Solid Gold; Jon @ Viva!; Claudia @ Maxi; Pegi @ Atomcandy; 95 North; Charles Dockins; LA Williams; Tommie @ Dust Traxx; Danny Tenaglia; Natalie & Evan @ Moonshine; Jesse @ Loveslap!; Rob Paine; DJ Garth; JM @ Progressive Management; Tim & Sharron @ MN2S; Jesse & Johan; Steve Venom; Craig @ Metro; Matt C; Ronnie @ Most Wanted; Patrick @ System; Don @ 1Groove; Matt @ Jinxx; Peter & Tyrone; David Duriez; Mateo & Matos; CZR; DJ Romain; Dwayne Jenson, Mike Agent X Clarke; Norm Talley; Andrew @ Giant Step; Lynn @ Green Galatic; John @ Jive Electro; Keith Thompson; Lilla @ Kult; Jeannie @ Liquid Sound Lounge; Lancelot @ Soundmen on Wax; Mark EG; Mazi; Mike Dearborn; Howard @ Northcott; John @ OM; Simon @ Nuphonic; Dwayne @ Paradax; Roy Davis Jr.; Odell @ Undaground Therapy; The Rurals; Rees Urban; Yann Fontaine; Jesse @ Underground TV; Ludikris; Flipside; Pedro @ Garage 416; The Girls of T5E; Chris @ Nokturnel; Moh Pie; Pauze; JT & Nicola @ Klublife; Alex @ Tribe; Dean Russell; Crackers @ Hush; Sara @ Modrobes; Rod @ Poundhouse; Shawn @ Ravestar; Kim2 @ Spot; Rowland the Bastard; Rapture; Shelly @ Guvernment; and to those I missed, I'll get ya next year.

Finally, I'd like to thank 2 special guys. Whitney Baker, my UK boy, thanks for all your articles, and words of encouragement... and Matt Elms, you kept me together more than you know, here's a vodka-cranny-7 to you!!!

I know this was a little cheesy and lame, but we've really enjoyed our first five years covering the Toronto scene and are looking forward to another five!!!

peace Toronto, we love ya!!!
Andrew- Phantasm