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Nocturnal party


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Good music, strange crowd though. Got kinda bored easily though. I will write more later. Thanks to all those involved for the hook ups!

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Well it was a very craaaazy night for me working the door for this party. Just around mid-night the place started to fill up. As the night went on, the place went off!! Great music from what I could hear. The only set that I was able to really catch a bit of, was the seXy miss Dayhota!! mmmmm mmmmm I LOve her!! I think she came on in the 2nd room sometime around 3am. However, I was super busy, so time was a blur! Big ups to all the Nocturnal Boys for throwing yet another wicked New Years party!! Thank you for treating me so well. You boys absolutely rock!!;) And thank you Sherene for covering for me. I needed that break so bad!! It was so nice to see lots of great friends out!! Especially my old Welland/ St. Catherine boys who came out for this, that I haven't seen in about 5 years!!:) I worked til just after 7am and the place was still totally rockin'! I had to leave then cause I was just so exausted.

It was a pleasure to meet Spacebabe and HouseHeadSasha.:)

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hey Maxine
sOo nice seeing you there.
inhalers for life yO ;)
sorry to the promoters
I dont pay to rave anymore but thanks for the p.l.u.r.

..... who knew that there would be 3 different parties in the same venue?? This one , the good fellas & the Om/sumkids/alien show...... and I hit the wrong one first.

oh well happy newyears y'all.



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I'm still remembering bits and pieces of the night! What I DO know is....I danced my ass off! Had a riot! The music was great, and from my experience anyway, the crowd wasn't strange....Unless of course I was one of the strange ones? :p

I'll be nursing my feet for a few more days yet. I'm pretty sure I met some other tribers that night....if you recall seeing a guy with a white kangol...hollar! ;)
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