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Nobody Cares...

Bernnie Federko

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Courtesy: ESPN
Wright Thompson in what remains one of the single-greatest articles ever written:

"Buddhists don't believe in heaven or hell, or at least not in the same way as Christians. According to Essential Buddhism, by Diane Morgan, either place can exist on earth, and there are 11 ways for believers to feel pain: lust, hatred, illusion, sickness, decay, death, worry, lamentation, physical and mental anguish, melancholy and grief."
"Since losing his father, Woods has burned with every single one of these, and in the years since he rammed his car into a fire hydrant, he's suffered nearly all of them all the time."
Go deeper: Read the whole thing

rave jedi

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Can watch this all day and night!

The hand of God gave us the basket! LOL

Absolutely agree with everybody putting it up there with Joe Carter's home run for the city.