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Nobody Cares...

Bernnie Federko

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March 12, 1989: In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee was a 33-year-old software engineer based at the European particle physics laboratory, CERN. His challenge was to find a way for people there to access the ocean of data and documents that was stored on assorted computers all around the vast facility. “I would have to create a system with common rules that would be acceptable to everyone,” he later wrote. “This meant as close as possible to no rules at all." The solution was to abandon the idea of a centralized system and create a network of independent nodes all speaking a common language called hypertext that could link anything to anything. It would take another year before Berners-Lee got the chance develop the proposal into what he ambitiously dubbed the “World Wide Web.” The name proved prophetic. Soon the web began linking to computers outside CERN via the nascent digital exchange known as the internet. Others began creating browsers to make the web easier to access, followed by search engines to help users navigate the growing digital landscape. What began as a modest proposal for managing information had become civilization’s central nervous system, transforming work, commerce and media, and giving rise to new ways of defining community.


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dammitt - climbed my way from 3rd last to 1st in the fantasy BPL league some of us tribers are on (even JamesM!)

So next week is a special week with only a few teams playing - you can transfer out half your squad if you want with a special chip that undoes it automatically at week's end.

So I line up all my transfers and my thumb is hovering over a screen where i can use that special free hit chip or do them all at once normally, permanently and suffer a 20 point penalty for the privilege.

Of course i hit the wrong one!

Recoverable, but im only 11 points up on 2nd place so FML
Fuckin eh!

So. I did one additional transfer last week and used the free hit chip!

It worked!

Can see it worked on ALL transfers last week so that 20 point penalty is GONE

catch me if you can tribers in our league!!


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Peel police detail complaints made to 911 about Amber Alert for 11-year-old girl who was murdered
The report said that of the 208 calls to 911 in Peel Region between 11 p.m. on Feb. 14 and 3 a.m. on Feb. 15, more than two and a half hours after the Amber Alert was terminated ( where she was found dead ), 89 calls — or 43 per cent — were considered to be “misuse of the 911 system.”

“How can I make a complaint about you guys abusing the national emergency system?” a caller reportedly said.

“She’s with her father. I don’t think this is a national emergency,” another resident reported said.

People are so fucked.