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Nobody Cares...


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2 months ago, Ministry's setlist really only had 3 or 4 old school industrial tunes...
Just 1 fix
So what
Psalm 69.

They just started their North American swing of the tour in San Fran. This is their setlist.
Ministry Setlist at The Warfield, San Francisco
not very much into the first few songs...but considering they played LORAH ( not since 1990 )...
imma gonna have to go see them here in Toronto, providing their setlist stays the same as this SF show.
Time to Microdose ! !


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The Land Of Rape and Honey.
The Missing.
Stigmata. Just ONe Fix.
So What.

I'll pay $50 to see this again. Anyone else going ?

Bernnie Federko

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some financial tips:
-pay off ur min. credit card payments
-create a budget
-save a portion of each paycheck
-oh none of this working? then it’s heist time baby
-get the gang back together
-one last job, then u can all retire
-u did it!!
-but at what cost? rick died in the heist

rave jedi

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Sundays nothing but football on TV. We have a brand new TV, so I can't wait to watch the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show tonight on CTV at 10pm! LOL


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Listening to Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan talk about greatness, humility, character and democracy at HW’s funeral making me throw up in my mouth.

Soul-less, integrity devoid fucks.


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This Baby it's cold outside song shit show is asinine.
I don’t know what’s happening with that song. I assume there’s some safe-place violation call?

Ann-Margret was SUPER fucking hot and helped dirty many, many socks from Bye Birdie in ‘68 to well-past this tune with Al Hirt.

The best advice I can offer to the repressed, self-righteous cunts that want to sanitize the world through bans and finger-wagging is...

Lay down and have good wank or frig. Get your heads out of your asses and dirty up some socks and sheets.

You’re pissing on the parade, ya frigid twats. ...and FUCKING NOBODY cares about your feelings.


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Bring on the tolls. These drive-in 905 bitches think they’re the only ones that need to get around. Log jams at EVERY access to the expressway. Full-on blocking east-west access at EVERY intersection, from Dundas to the access ramps. Just float through the yellow when the upcoming road is rammed. Zero concern for traffic lights, pedestrians or other vehicles.

Fuck the lot of you. You’re a blight. Some of us live here and don’t work 9-5. I’m on a schedule too, ya fucking ignorant, selfish cunts.

Rant over. ;)

rave jedi

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Was on edibles last night at the Hot Docs Cinema (old Bloor Cinema) waiting for the free screening of their feature fllm "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" to start. Being friggin' stoned they showed some previews that sucked me right into a rabbit hole. Honestly, I liked the previews more than the feature including the firewood burning in fireplace before the movie started. LOL

Anyway, they showed a trailer to this short film. Is there even such a thing as a trailer to a short film? I saw a shorter cut and really liked it. Enjoy!