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Nobody Cares...

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yeah I might not be able to sleep after all - the whole car collusion was terrifying. I was going to write a huge post on fb, but knowing my mother will read it will just put her in worry mode.

Bernnie Federko

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Co-ops gone back to school, senior director out of office, and ol' Bernnie L Federko gets to cover all the fucking conference calls & all the paperwork

Behold his awesome prowess as he makes it all look like it ain't no thang
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I realize nobody cares, but wow, I've been making such a shit-ton of money off these discarded student textbooks this past month, it's like, wow.

2236$ during the month of August. all immediate debt paid off and bought me a swank electric guitar

and 679$ thus far this first week of September.
Hell, today, all that happened is I went around the corner on my bike to get a case of beer from the local dep. Oh, but look, a big box of discarded books. Grab them, come home, crunch the ISBN numbers, flipped them at McGill. All within an hour. Another 120$. Just like that. Actually went out and bought printer ink today. In quantity!

Life is good:)


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also, for the first time ever, I found single hardcover textbooks discarded in the trash that cracked the 100$ wall.
Last week - 102.50$ for that Statistics book, and another 100$ for that Meteorology book.

I like it. more please
Father of Aylan Kurdi, drowned Syrian boy, declines offer of Canadian citizenship - British Columbia - CBC News
this story made me sick to my stomach. now that the Cons actually offered the father Canadian Citizenship after his 2 sons drowned, i feel a little better knowing there is no chance in hell that the Conservatives will win this Election.

Tima Kurdi’s pleading letter to allow brother to enter Canada revealed | Toronto Star

Well certainly not likely for Christopher Alexander, who hung up when the CBC confronted him about lying on air and not letting slip with the: "It's the media's fault because they're not covering it enough for us to act on it" bullshit.

Now that he's being confronted with filing the letter that the NDP sent him regarding the case, he should be fucking done. It'll be interesting to see what Harper does now that this has come to light.
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one of the guys at work just got shingles too. I had it when I was a kid.

Just don't scratch it. It all works out in the end.
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tribe cannabis accessories silver grinders


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Yeah, I guess.

The docs told me I had shingles. In any case it itched like nobody's business.

still called chicken pox

shingles is chicken pox for adults
for the most part it is on par in pain to passing a stone

It can be no joke when you are over 60 but at our range can be disruptive and painful for sure.

They recommend 60+ get vaccinated cause at that age the pain is way worse! Messes up the nerves in your skin


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Dear Humanity - eat an extra large bag today

8 months pregnant in 32 degree humidex on a streetcar this morning. Neither the 40ish year old dude in that very first seat, nor the 50something married couple in the two seats right there would offer me a seat as I stood in front of them for 15 mins. With the sign above their head that clearly indicates those seats are for disabled, elderly, or pregnant women! I should have spoken up, but didn't. I finally got a seat when another pregnant woman 4 rows down called me over, as a seat opened up behind her. She told the people off when she left a few mins later.

Fuck you all, world.

Sal De Ban

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Wow, and I thought my tuesday was off to a rough start. I don't understand how someone can just sit there comfortably while a clearly pregnant woman is standing right in front of them. You shouldn't have to ask at all, imo. They should give up their seat for you.
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