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Nobody Cares...

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Bernnie Federko

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I have a Co Op who's in 4th year and laughed at a work package I assigned today.

Yesterday he was late, and same again today.

Lots to learn apparently
I get the sense that some of these dipshits are only going to learn when they're actually going to have to fend for themselves and not have mom and dad bail them out/give them everything.

Not all of them are bad, there's some that work with us that genuinely understand that they've been given an opportunity, and are determined not to blow it.

I've seen two that were completely blindsided that got fired because they couldn't understand the workplace environment and conduct themselves accordingly. Some of them think we owe them something for working on the job assigned - regardless if they can do it well or not.

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Why wouldn't you owe them something for working for you? I expect to get paid for the work I do.
Not what I'm talking about - I'm talking about how they feel entitled to extra breaks, allowing time on their personal social media during business hours or even during training or extra sick days/vacation days when they've only been working there for less than 3 months and have yet to show any kind of ability to do their job. If they wanted any of this, they could have brought it up in the interview and likely not gotten the job.


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I understand what President's saying. Try working in Media.

It's a huge social culture. You get all types, including folks who just think it's beneath them to do any real work at all, other than to socialize their way into relevancy. Typically it works fantastic, garnering 100k fat paycheques, because they know someone, who knows someone.

There are those who actually know what their doing, and deserve the accreditation.
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