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Nobody Cares...


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I tripped head over balls over a Junglegirl.......not quite spelt the same.......cool chick, my bad for tripping balls over her........meh, great start to the week

Ms. Fit

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can someone find the annual "Year in Review"" thread from last year...the one where everyone posts a summary of what their year was like: highs, lows, learnings, etc.

pleeeease? the search function isn't working for me!
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krysiu has just instructed me to point fingers at beer babe and say "yes"

via me getting finished at work, and him just starting his shift....

he may pop online via his new iphone, but has informed me he wont do that oh shift ;)

Dirty Girl

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can someone find the annual "Year in Review"" thread from last year...the one where everyone posts a summary of what their year was like: highs, lows, learnings, etc.

pleeeease? the search function isn't working for me!
it amazes me how people find things on here. i can never find a damn thing i search for


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Good things about working between xmas and new years:
- Leftover cookies/candy
- Noone is here except us lowly contractors and a few techs
- Cookies
- Playing music
- Can work on my interview presentation
- Did I mention the cookies yet?
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So word is Harper is going to "suspend" Parliament until March so Members of Parliament can be more togethery during the Olympics! Isn't that nice? Oh and by the way it will add the extra convenience of time to stack the senate with conservative appointees and cancel the hearings over the Afghan torture scandal scheduled in the senate committee.

I for one am glad Harper set the precedent last year getting to prorogue government and avoiding the "coup" by the "separatists" and "socialists". Now he has all the power he needs to avoid pesky opposition and appear more regal. God save the Steve!

Boss Hog

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Most underhanded PM ever. Yes, more than Chretien.

He really has a contempt for accountability despite his campaign promises, and through his actions seems to despise openness and actual democracy.
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he's unsure, he told me he can log in but it crashes his browser when he does... he can lurk normally but otherwise he can't do anything.


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booo, my Maschine probably wont be in until tomorrow now - was looking forward to playing with it tonight before my weekend gets sucked up into NYE-fun-times and hangovers.
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Just heard that Flashy is banned for real.

Alex, what's up with all the bannings around here lately? Flashy was a top 3 poster! It seems like soon there's going to be nobody left.


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So I have been having this deep abdominal pain for a while and I was starting to worry that it might be a sketchy gallblader, gallstones, or even worse - liver cancer.... I put off seeing my Doc (who is a friend, a fine physician and all around nice guy) because I was worried the diagnosis would be serious and require surgeries of all kinds followed by a really long recovery period where I would only be able to hobble around with one of those walking frames with wheels on them, or even worse, be put in a full body cast from the neck down, and then, when that came off, be limited to playing shuffleboard with grannies for my remaining days in some convalescent home where the only thing on TV during "TV time" would be Oprah and The View in a room full of people with their chins on their chests, drooling, and occasionally talking to themselves.
Somehow, my Doc convinced me to go get an ultrasound and even managed to bump me ahead of the first available date which was three weeks away. I went this morning and got gooed and scanned by the dour ultrasound woman who told me absolutely nothing and only pointed to a sign on the wall that said: "Don't Ask Your Ultrasound Technician For The Results, Ask Your Doctor". The first letter of each word was even capitalized like that too, and in Helvetica Bold.
So I called my Doc about the results and he told me to come in right away. This is it i thought.
When I got there he said everything is normal and as it should be, the 10 tubes of blood they took two days ago that left me rather pale showed there was absolutely nothing wrong or suspect. He told me I was doing way too much pilates and my abs of steel are pressing in and squishing my stomach too much, which is causing the abdominal pain, that or not allowing enough recovery time between pilates sessions.
And I had already scoped out a walker with wheels on it at the pawn shop down the street.


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The issue of drunk driving is not something to be made light of... but I really want one of those giant inflating elephants from the new commercial campaign to bring out with me for awkward situations.

How awesome would it be to set one of those things off at random in a bar or party when the conversation lapses? With my friends, instead of the inevitable discussion on Tiger Wood's indiscretions or the most recent who was banned from Tribe drama, the minute the conversation lapses into lazy banter, fire off an elephant!

Some cute bartender doesn't want to give you her number and you're left there kind've like a clod waiting to pay for the drinks you just ordered so you c could have an excuse to chat her up, fire off an elephant!

When you accidently admit that you once paid for sex in college but it was only the one time and you didn't even climax and you're pretty sure she stole your watch as well, fire off an elephant!

Then people might just ignore the fact you've done something incredibly stupid and just admire the fact you carry around a big inflatable elephant... "Wow, Chris, that's an impressive elephant, makes me not want to drink and drink!" "Well, Peter, drinking and driving is no joke." "No doubt, and this elephant reminded me of that and totally took my mind off the fact that you admitted to having a crush on Patty Mayonnaise from that cartoon show Doug."


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I remember one drunken night, I took a step down the stairs that were actually four steps and slammed down hard on my foot. The pain. I went straight to the hospital. After the x-ray, I asked the technician if it was broken or not. He told me he couldn't say anything, and then winked and held it up to the light, "but what do you think?". Clean break.

Glad I didn't take my friends' advice to just put ice on it. :O
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