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Nobis "Shelby" Jacket - Mens Large


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I won this coat but unfortunately it's too big for me. Nobis "Shelby" jacket, size Large, in Heather Charcoal (grey). Tags and everything are still on it. It also comes with a Nobis branded garment bag & hanger. If you hate the Canada Goose trend then this is the coat for you! Plus it's just a cool looking jacket!

Nobis is known for making high quality down filled jackets. This premium coat has a tonne of features that can be found on the Nobis website.
Wish I could keep it for myself, but again... too big. Asking $750. This coat retails for $1073 after taxes! You will never find them on sale! If you'd like to try it on, or check it out in person, by all means get in touch. I'm in the College & Bathurst area.







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