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No tennant no cry!


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I've been hounding down this woman ever since she moved in.

me> "Reminder, it's the first of the month, can you please pay the rent?"
me + 7 days> "Hey, it's me, still waiting for that rent, can you please pay it?"

me> paid

me> "So, can you kindly pay the rent? I've fronted you some money so..."

So my general complain is to all you renters, get a fucking home of your own. Stop bothering us responsible people with your little complaints and hard done by shit. I don't want to sound condescending, but I am chirping down to you, get a fucking job and stop bugging me about your stupid problems.

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Frankly (<-- this is etymology from St. Francis)

It completely blows my mind how poor people (yes I said it) poor people, expect luxuries untold just because they show up with their broken teeth.

I am not a real estate agent. I am not even really an engineer. But I put forth my money and I open my house to those who have problems and I make simple and honest deals.

The deals go something like this:

"Can you pay $350 a month? If you can, I will take care of everything else."
"Can you pay $200 a month? If you can, I will take care of everything else."
"I know you can't pay $175 a month, so maybe you can clean my house, and I will pay everything else."

and on and on and on...

Scammers. Not all, but some.



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Well I finally got pissed off enough and said "to fuck with you" and told the bitch ass lesbian tennant to get her stuff or I'd throw it into the snow.

Oddly, her response was "please throw my stuff outside".

Now, that makes two tennants who've screwed me over. At least I'm still friends with one, probably because he has a penis. And I've learned my lesson and I will repeat it to all slumlords here:


They really are messier than men and they certainly have no control over their finances, and they rely heavily on their "friends" (ie. guys who want to bang them) for backup.

I did, I tried, I proved, the story is true. If you're going to rent to a single female, add at least 25% to cover the estrogen problem.



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Dust. I'm allergic to dust. I awoke one morning and knew I had these special liquid gels, not the advils, although those are great too, but the new Claritin advil gels, which work awesomely.

Get up, naked, go to the washroom. Can't find my liquigels anywhere. Look, look, look. Fine, so I resort to my antihistamine pills. Box is gone. This starts making me anxious and I can feel the asthma in my throat. Anyone who has asthma knows this feeling. Look for my puffer.

Oh but look, the Lesbian decided she can bring a nice rabbit cage into the house. Oh how dear.

Perhaps it was my mother's cooking, perhaps it was just old meat, but I was never a fan of rabbit. But in my older years, like now, I've changed my mind about a lot of food. For example, I love cabbage. In fact I even love Kim-Chi even better! So I have several knives that will skin a rabbit and a nice pot to cook that in, minus gizzards and shit, and fur, to make a nice soup.

But I wasn't about to do that because of course, the lease was clear that pets are not allowed. Perhaps for the express reason that I will eat them. Dog, Rabbit, ... ah never eaten cat but I can't say that I'd stop there.

So the following is basically a text by text conversation:
06:15 me> "So I took a shower on my way to work and there was a rabbit in the washroom. Do you know about this?"
13:52 her> "Oh did you see him?"
14:01 me> "Yes, I did see the rabbit, that's why I'm texting you. What about the rabbit? Is it yours?"
14:05 her> "Yes but it's just temporary."
14:06 me> "Does this explain the hay on the ground floor yesterday?"
14:16 her> "He'll be gone, don't worry."

Anyway I could go on like this forever.

So she decided somewhere between the month that she doesnt want to pay me and moves out and as I'm repainting the room I find all my prescriptions and rabbit shit. And hay. Not "hey hey hey", but "hay". For the stupid rabbit that I would boil and eat in a heartbeat.

I also found her letters to her GF about how she's gonna treat this animal well forever and her trip to Quebec, etc., in complete contradiction to what she said to me. ie. Lie.

So, my general question is to all you renters, do you really feel no commitment at all to the people who are actually fronting the money and taking the risk? Hey, I only asked $375 from her on the understanding that we were cool. Should I actually have said "$450 front and last and sign your lesbian bitch life away here..."? Should I do that?

Do not disadvantaged people need a place to stay?

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