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No swearing?


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I'm not sure if this is related Disco Stu, so please forgive.

But WTF!
Are we not allowed to swear anymore?

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whut do you mean Ming??? On the board we're not allow to swear???

Did someone get in trouble or something? Damn..........will I get banned if I do?

Crap...that sucks...you know how hard it is for me to articulate myself without swearing................??? arrrghh.

Time to go read the dictionary and increase my vocabulary..hehe
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No swearing?

I'll kill anyone that stops me!


From the Ministry of dem guns

Prime Minister Highsteppa


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This thread fucking sucks...

fucking cock sucking twat licking ass humping monkey fucker...
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What the fuck you talking about pigfucker? I'm gonna give you such an ass whupping, your mother fucking ancestors back in France are going to say "Sacré Blue et merde avec du fromage! That fucking heurt!!!!".

Then I'm gonna really open up the 2L bottle of whup ass I got waiting for you. Whup ass, 95 dom perignon. A fine fucking year.

From the Ministry of keep talking.....

Prime Minister Highsteppa
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i intentionally put an asterix instead of a "u" in the word fuck on the fuck funny thread.

dont know about the others...