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No shirt, no shoes, no...


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Channel 47...dubbed but still hilarious.

All I need is some tasty waves and a cool buzzz.....
I was watching that earlier today, and fuming at how horribly the SuperStation butchers good movies to appeal to some uptight ass-munching Middle America. While it may be a stretch calling "Fast Times.." art (even though it is to me), the rampant censorship on this channel bugs the shit out of me.

Yes, it takes something really important like movies to get me all riled up.


OH, the INJUSTICE!! :rolleyes:
Ahh, but some of the dubbing they come up with is downright hilarious.

Emilo Estavez's work is particularly funny when 'interpreted' by TBS - 'Repo Man' and 'Breakfast Club' are two standouts.

"FLIP you!"

...or who could forget their interpretation of The Exorcist...

Regan yelling "Your mother darns socks in hell!"